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The Stench of Victory

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

We return with the still fresh euphoria of recent victories by the West Indies Under 19; T20; and Womens cricket teams . The offensive odors of mismanagement and insensitivity of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), continue to pollute the atmosphere thereby making us hold our noses rather than smile during this period of now rare Caribbean achievement on the cricket field. We can always be certain that the well paid technocrats and their political god parents will always mess up things for the people of the Caribbean Nation. Once more the new rulers of the plantation are acting like the masters they have replaced. A captain in the heat of victory uses the occasion to tell the world that the WICB is not treating his team fairly. Immediately the apologists for the new masters, scold the captain for speaking the truth. Those who yearn for the days when children were instructed to be seen and not heard, are having great difficulty accepting the simple fact t…