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Violent Acts Against Jamaican Children

One Caribbean Nation.

The news out of Jamaica that 1,147 crimes were reported against children  last year, must be horrific news for all regional citizens, who continue to advocate for the safety of our children. The break down is frightening, to say the very least. Some of the statistics should alarm us all:

56 children between the ages of 1 and 10

295 between the ages of 11 to 17

387   18 year olds

36 murdered

We note that these are just the acts that have been reported. We know that there must hundreds or dozens more, who have not reported these acts for several reasons and this makes the picture even more frightening.

We can only let the figures speak for themselves and continue to urge Jamaica and all regional governments to place the protection of our children as a number one priority.

Protect Our Girls

One Caribbean Nation.

Gone are the days when the region’s girl children were expected to be nurses and teachers, and relishing their great advancement beyond what was expected of their grandmothers and mothers, who were expected to be home makers, domestics and other low -paying wage earners. Since independence, our girls have made great strides, and are now the majority pursuing education at the tertiary level and according to some statistics, they are “out-doing” our boys, in the examinations that highlight the transfer from primary to secondary schools. No longer, when they reach womanhood, are they dependent on “don0carish” men, who traditionally were the breadwinners and in many cases, were known to have more than one family to look after. The days of the village ram are disappearing as our women continue to assert themselves in every area of national life, including corporate and political leadership. Thins development has been so widespread that men have rushed to form organiza…