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World's Second Oldest Man Dies: Longevity and Diet.

We join in expressing our profound condolences to the family of Mr. James Sisnett, Barbadian super-centenarian, who recently died at the age of 113 years.  Mr. Sisnett was the oldest living person in the western hemisphere and the second oldest man in the world. His longevity had attracted journalists from the international community, who interviewed him in recent years. Throughout the Caribbean, we are witnessing an increase in our citizens achieving the centenarian milestone.  Many of them attribute their longevity to their deep belief in their Christian faith and their diet. They lived through a period of immense social and economic hardship and yet they provided for their families. Those who were childless assisted with parenting the children of their extended families. They also worked in many back breaking jobs such as agricultural laborers.  Many of our female centenarians were domestics or employed in other low paying occupations. However, we must state that during their workin…

School Boy Murdered : Trinidad and Togago

A tragic reflection of our violent societyStory Created: May 28, 2013 at 8:22 PM ECT Story Updated: May 28, 2013 at 10:19 PM ECT  The killing of a 14-year-old schoolboy by another 16-year-old pupil may well indicate where this country is heading, unless effective preventative measures are taken soon. Unfortunately, there is fundamental disagreement on what “effective” might constitute. Polls and popular opinion suggest that the majority of the population favour punitive strategies, ranging from corporal to capital punishment. On the other side of the fence, the minority of experts in pedagogy and psychology cite research showing that such policies either have no effect or exacerbate the situation.  That there are many disturbed children in the school system is received wisdom. Zena Ramatali, president of the National Parent Teachers’ Association, has warned that such children are “at risk”. Such a warning, while hardly new, should be heard loud and clear, not only by education authorities…

From Bengal To Barbados

We welcome the book: From Bengal to Barbados, written by Mr. Sabir Nakuda. He traces the history of the East Indian population , in Barbados. Having arrived just over one hundred years ago, the East Indian population has a lot to be proud of. They have established themselves in commerce and have been successful in the retail areas, once almost totally controlling the retail store market in Swan Street, located in the Capital city of Bridgetown. Many of their offspring have established themselves in all the professions. We have no doubt that the book will bring into focus their contribution and will provide a window into their world via historical reference and their experiences. Many East Indians , first established themselves as itinerant traders ,selling clothes and some household items to the rural population, at a time when the rural agricultural workers, would have encountered great difficulty, in both travelling to Bridgetown, and securing credit, in the then white dominated Broa…

Defeat for Global Arrogance

Another Strategic Defeat for Global Arrogance 

 by Pachamama 

While Caribbean peoples are deeply engaged in an ever increasing battle for meagre economic survival events half way around the world may have more to do with outcomes than any expected amelioration in the steadily deteriorating circumstances of Western capitalism. As we write the Syrian army and their Hezbollah counterparts, buttressed by support of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Russia and to a lesser extent China are completing mopping up operations not far from the Lebanese border (al-Qusayr) and elsewhere. Even Obama and his ‘international community’ are less vocal with their illegitimate but central demand that the prospective victor in this Western led conspiracy against a sovereign state, Bassar al-Assad, be removed from office – logic turned on its head.  The West is on the verge of losing all influence in what they have called the ‘Middle East’. We are persuaded that America’s decline in the Middle East has acc…

Shivnarine Chanderpaul: 300 First Class Cricket Matches

We are aware that our cricketers have been quite a disappointment for the better part of two decades. Those of us expecting a rapid return to the top of Test cricket have been brutally reminded that it is much easier to fall to the bottom than rise to the top. The fall is even harder, when you fall from the highest point. Simple scientific fact based on the laws of gravity. Unfortunately, there is no special pill we can use to get back up there. Oh how we yearn for a Viagra pill for our cricketers…well we can be funny at times. However, we do have some good news centered on the little tiger from Unity Village Guyana, ShivnarineChanderpaul. He is celebrating his 300th first class performance/appearance.  We recall him at the beginning of his career as a rather slim chap, who many thought would never have the strength to hit mighty sixes. However, what he then lacked    in physical prowess, he quickly made up for with a mental toughness that sometimes, surpassed that of the rest of his te…

CARICOM : Another View

Kick CARICOM to the kerb Ronald Mason, Jamaica Gleaner Contributor:      

There comes a time when the only thing to do is make clear, definitive, unambiguous statements about things of importance. Here goes. I am a Jamaican, I am NOT a Caribbean man. I want no part of the totally useless creation we label CARICOM. The peoples who populate those islands 1,000 miles away from my home are not brothers and sisters. There has been some cross-breeding, but it's statistically insignificant to warrant the familial term 'brothers'.

I do not ascribe to the notion that because we are primarily and predominantly of the same racial composition, that makes us brothers. The same could be said of the people of Papua New Guinea. They were also former colonies of the same empire, but I do not hear this claim for integration with those good people.

I have visited countries in this Eastern Caribbean. On arrival, one is not imbued, as a Jamaican, wi…

Rihanna , Chris Brown Saga

While we do not want to get too involved in the life styles of rich and famous personalities, we feel it necessary to comment on recent reports, that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be finally calling it quits. Needless to say, we do not for one moment believe that this is the end of this crazy celebrity saga,but Rihanna is a Caribbean woman and her welfare and well being concern us. Furthermore, as we push culture and entertainment as forex (foreign exchange) earners, we also have to pay some attention to those from our region, who are well placed to assist. Rihanna is a high profile celebrity, who is being utilized by the Barbados Tourism Authority, to market Barbados. In all fairness to this mega star, she has always mentioned Barbados, whenever the opportunity has arisen. We all admire her and she seems to have her act together, although she occasionally, shocks us with the usual celebrity exploits.  We must state that we welcome Mr. Brown’s departure. We know that Rihanna forgave him, a…

Angelina Jolie, Media and the Case for Integrative Medicine

Angelina Jolie, Media and the Case for Integrative Medicine  By  Pachamama  Over the past few days the corporate, global, propaganda media have been glorifying the ‘self immolation’ of Angelina Jolie as brave and an answer to breast cancer for the women of the world. We consider that Jolie is being turned into a buffoon by the corporate media. Such a person should be receiving our well wishes and not be projected, for ratings etc, for some kind of perverted virtuousness. The simple truth, to this complex issue, is that merely cutting off body parts is not an answer for cancer. For the biochemistry of a human body does not build a fire wall between breast tissue and the rest of the body. The media promotion of double mastectomy as a viable solution is dangerous and has implication for all the women of the world, especially young girls, and sets a staggeringly new (low) standard in the pervasiveness of a new corporate culture - a culture that will be coming to a clinic near you, real soon…

Land For Slaves' Descendants

Published on Monday, 13 May 2013 04:26 Written by By Joseph BAMAT - France 24 Justice Minister Christiane TaubiraFrance’s justice minister has said she supports land reform in the country’s overseas territories to help the descendants of slaves, two days after President Hollande declared reparations for slavery impossible.
Justice MinisterChristiane Taubiracalled on the French government to consider ways to redistribute land in its Caribbean overseas territories to favour the descendants of slaves, just two days after President François Hollande ruled outreparationsfor France’s role in the colonial-era slave trade. “In the overseas territories there was a land grab, the general result was that the descendants of slaves were left without access to land. Therefore we should think about – without sparking a civil war – regrouping properties that were divided and about land reform,” Taubira said in an interview published in theJournal de Dimancheweekly on Sunday. “There are steps that should…

News Watch :Curaçao’s big man shot dead

Curaçao’s big man shot dead ...Why? And what’s next? Published:  Sunday, May 12, 2013 Mark Wilson
Around five o’clock last Sunday afternoon, Helmin Wiels bought fish on Marie Pampoen beach in Curaçao. Before he could pocket his change, a gunman fired five times. Hit in the back, he died fast. Wiels was leader of Pueblo Soberano, the largest party in Curaçao’s Parliament, with five of the 21 seats. Aged 54, he had been in politics for ten years, after a career in social work. Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch minister who handles relations with the island, last week called him “the most powerful man in Curaçao.” 
He was a fierce campaigner against corruption, with strong grassroots support and a weekly radio slot. He railed also against other targets—political opponents, Dutch expats, alleged mafia members, drug dealers, and the US counter-narcotics planes at Hato Airport. A regular presence at early morning mass in the Catholic cathedral, Wiels did not spare his church. Three days before his …