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Friday Comment:In the Defense of the Honorable Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)

In the Defense of the Honorable Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) Pachamama We would have preferred that our esteemed colleagues, who are experts in the rich and diverse Islamic traditions and its last Prophet (PBUH), be the ones most capable of defending a dynamic set of cultures as followed by two billion people throughout the world. The recent publication of a poorly produced promode of a non-existing ‘movie’ was constructed for the precise purpose of insulting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his followers and is properly located within a larger struggle which comes at a time when Western capitalist traditions have long passed their apogee. The artificial construction of the so-called clash of civilizations by some in the academic community was merely to serve Western domination of the Muslim world, more precisely – what they now call the Middle East and those Muslims living there.  We will argue that since the collapse of the USSR, Western countries have sought to surreptitiously set …

Friday Comment:Environment Under Threat

First Published 9/29/12......almost 5 years ago.
Unless we move swiftly to protect the environment, Barbados will face an environmental crisis from which escape would be virtually impossible. Since the early seventies, alert Barbadians, have been warning the bankrupt BLP and DLP governments, but they collectively ignored the warning and concerns, and casually dismissed the then budding environmental crusaders as alarmists. Who amongst us can forget then call-in radio host Reverend Father Hatch warning about the disappearance of our windows to the sea? We are all to blame: we dispose litter any and every where and dump the dead remains of animals in our gullies. For nearly a quarter century, both the BLP and DLP have failed to protect the health of the residents of the Ivy in St. Michael, from indiscriminate dumping in the surrounding areas and the assault on our water supply. Indeed, it is safe to say that until Heritage Tourism became an economic possibility, there was little effort at p…

Tour D’horizon – A Bajan Optic on Foreign Policy

By Pachamama Successive governments of Barbados have failed to play any significant role in world affairs. We are well aware of the historical and current environmental circumstances within which a small island state must seek to operate but our country must have the courage to properly define our own national interests, for in the final analysis our permanent interests, not friends, are most vital to our country. Is this not what independence means? Barbados could be doing much better at mobilizing nationals abroad into an army to fight the current war for economic survival at home. The country continues, with the possible exception of China, to ignore the tectonic shifts taking place elsewhere, thereby grossly misreading the new Great Game. Barbados’ foreign policy, if it exists, continues to ignore the suffering peoples of Palestine, the Rohingyas of Burma and many other groups, especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia that our country could develop some strategic ties with base…

Hamilton Lashley: The Peoples' Champion

Mahogany Coconut wishes soon to be retired Member of Parliament, Mr. Hamilton Lashley all the best. Lashley is by far, the most progressive Member of Parliament to have entered our Parliament since Independence. The only other truly progressive M.P was Dr. Don Blackman, who quietly slipped into political obscurity many moons ago. Lashley came to Parliament with impressive credentials, as a community worker and with an outstanding track record via such grassroots organizations as the Pine lands Creative Workshop. In other words, even if he had never entered formal or electoral politics, he would have still been a giant of a fighter for the poor and underprivileged. Lashley demonstrated that he had a far more superior grasp of the problems confronting our poor, than any other sitting member of our parliament. His work to alleviate poverty and lifting up the dispossessed will feature prominently in any true history of our island state He avoided the so-called trappings of office;  and was ne…