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This Week's Question

Do you think that our present Caribbean politicians and leaders are as dedicated as those
from the 60's , 70's and early 80's ?

Cricket-Great News

*A new $70,000.000 cricket stadium has been built in Florida. This is great
news for Caribbean cricket fans in America.
* A new cricket tournament has been introduced in some New York schools.
As encouraging as these two stories are, Caribbean residents still have to do some marketing
and selling , to get the game going among Americans. Some Americans like
the Caribbean atmosphere at the games but find it a bit boring. At present a Caribbean
business, Caribbean Sales and Marketing, located in Georgia, is working on a new concept
of the game that may be a bit more attractive to the American market. However, this project
is in its infancy.

All Hands on Deck

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Group
A collective panic has now invaded the Caribbean region.From CARICOM to cricket, we seem to be making one blunder after the other ,casting blame left , right and center.
Those who played pivotal roles in developing the monster are now dishonestly declaring that they do not know from whence it came!
Those who understand the historical journey of our people recognize that the problems are not of recent happenings .The truth is that the entire region has been on automatic pilot since the early sixties.
We refused to revolutionise our education system, buried agriculture, ignored our infrastructure and environment and created a large middle class that is essentially debt ridden while the traditional corporate class continues to pull the strings and direct economic development from the board room.
I know that there are many among us would claim that all of this is old rhetoric and no longer relevant to our “emerging” societies..However if they look a…

State of The Caribbean

What in your view is the current state of the Caribbean from a social political or economic

Welcome to Mahogany Coconut Blog

This blog is dedicated to those who want to have a say about things Caribbean. This mouthpiece was created to encourage Caribbean nationals, our friends and supporters to freely express themselves on Caribbean and world affairs.The  Mahogany Coconut Blog, Think Tank and Watchdog Group,emerged out of a Caribbean inter net group of citizens from all over the world. The name is dedicated to the environment of our Caribbean and utilises the majestic mahogany tree and the coconut. The mahogany tree produced the wood , that our craftsmen have used to make household furniture for centuries. The coconut is used in so many ways and there are so many varieties, that it captures the true spirit of the creative Caribbean peoples. We cast our minds back to a time when the craftsmen and women will spend hours perfecting several perfect products from the mahogany wood, and then relax with a fresh glass of coconut water, or as was the custom, to just drink it straight from its shell. We set out on t…