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This blog is dedicated to those who want to have a say about things Caribbean. This mouthpiece was created to encourage Caribbean nationals, our friends and supporters to freely express themselves on Caribbean and world affairs.The  Mahogany Coconut Blog, Think Tank and Watchdog Group,emerged out of a Caribbean inter net group of citizens from all over the world.
The name is dedicated to the environment of our Caribbean and utilises the majestic mahogany tree and the coconut. The mahogany tree produced the wood , that our craftsmen have used to make household furniture for centuries. The coconut is used in so many ways and there are so many varieties, that it captures the true spirit of the creative Caribbean peoples.
We cast our minds back to a time when the craftsmen and women will spend hours perfecting several perfect products from the mahogany wood, and then relax with a fresh glass of coconut water, or as was the custom, to just drink it straight from its shell.
We set out on this journey of changing the Caribbean media to reflect  these two magnificent trees and the
wonderful purposes they continue to serve the Caribbean people. We take our strength from these gifts of nature.
We welcome all to participate as we present yet another voice of and for the Caribbean people and those, who see our region as one dedicated to the upliftment of all the people of the world.
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