Friday Comment:In the Defense of the Honorable Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)

In the Defense of the Honorable Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)
We would have preferred that our esteemed colleagues, who are experts in the rich and diverse Islamic traditions and its last Prophet (PBUH), be the ones most capable of defending a dynamic set of cultures as followed by two billion people throughout the world. The recent publication of a poorly produced promode of a non-existing ‘movie’ was constructed for the precise purpose of insulting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his followers and is properly located within a larger struggle which comes at a time when Western capitalist traditions have long passed their apogee. The artificial construction of the so-called clash of civilizations by some in the academic community was merely to serve Western domination of the Muslim world, more precisely – what they now call the Middle East and those Muslims living there.  We will argue that since the collapse of the USSR, Western countries have sought to surreptitiously set up the world of Islam as the global boogeyman, a counterpoint - for capitalism can only exist when it has an enemy. This scenario was to provide a contrast, while at the same time demonize Islam and Muslims while presenting a dying Western liberal capitalism as the ONLY choice for the peoples of the world. The leaders in the West are well aware that Islam has the potential for presenting the nearest and possibly the most viable alternative, in all the cultural spheres, and this is unhelpful to them at a time when the fear of losing global hegemony constantly dominates their geo-political or geo-strategic calculations.
On the one hand, we have had Western military adventures into the Islamic Ummah for more than a century in the modern epoch. Of course, readers of this subject will readily recall the unholy Christian crusades of earlier centuries into the Islamic world.  Western countries, especially the British, the French and the Americans had established compliant oil monarchies and the usurper regime in most of Palestine by 1948. The Zionists still occupied an island previously owned by the Saudis. How can the custodian of Islam’s most sacred places effectively defend Muslims when it has surrendered part of its territory to the ‘infidels’? How can Beitol-Moghaddas ever be recovered with traitors to the Prophet of Islam in power in Arabia? There has not been a word from one single Arab leader. That is way we, the non-believers, must defend the Prophet (PBUH). However, the nation of Islam is awaking and the world is unlikely to be the same. The enemies of the Prophet have done all this, in search of ‘profit’ while containing the universality of the teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH). These teachings are largely antithetical to capitalism. The peoples of Muslim majority countries yet hold onto their core beliefs. These beliefs are largely ‘unfamiliar’ to most in the West, especially those calling themselves Christians. This ignorance suborns the desired responses from too many of us. The ignorant hurl comments about ‘terrorism’ and ‘wife beatings’ when, in fact, the real moral corruption of the world comes from the Western countries. In the final analysis what we are witnessing are the limitations of military might and an inability of the custodians of Islam’s Holiest places to further deceive the masses of the people in their support for global hegemony as the price for maintaining their corrupt regimes at home.
Most people in Western societies are largely unaware that in Islam - Jesus, Mohammad and Abraham (PBUT) are all seen as Prophets. Therefore, there will never be a circumstance where Muslims would retaliate for the ignorance of Westerners by say, abusing Jesus in the way the Prophet Mohammad or even Jesus (PBUT) are often denigrated by us in the West. We often abuse Jesus (PBUH) as we swear. This type of thing is generally unacceptable in the Islamic world. In fact, Arabic and Farsi do not even consider this eventuality. Yes, Islam sees Jesus Christ (PBUH) as a Prophet, not as the son of God, as Christian do. This represents one of the main differences between all three major Abrahamic faiths. Jews that Christians pretend to love so much, up to this day, do not recognize Jesus at all. They still await their Messiah, so a carpenter’s son could not qualify. Most Christians have never even gone to the place where they believe their savoir was born, grew up and lived and there is no requirement to do this. If they did, they are likely to have a Damascus road conversion. But the Christians, especially the rabid dispensationalists, are prepared to create circumstances where millions of people will die in order for their criminal end time ‘prophecy’ to come true.  Moreover, it was the Jews who acted again the Jesus of the Christian Bible. Not to consider any man as the son of God, to an outside observer, seems like a more rationally hermeneutical construction. It is this rationalism that threatens Westerners as more of their populations are converting to Islam every day. Some Islamophobes, in jest, even want to change the name of a major Western capital to Londonistan. Other differences between Islam and Christianity are having resonance in Western Societies. For example, Islam has a different attitude toward family life, marriage and polygamy. There is no man in Barbados that I know who has only one woman. Maybe Islam could show us how we might bring our ‘illegitimate’ domestic activities within a more structured model.
Islam has an alternative narrative on issues of war and peace. It does, like Judaism, but unlike Christianity proselytize, and much more. The Islamic financial architecture is incapable of giving birth to the level of devastation now consuming Western economies. In the absence of interest – charging of money for money, which Islam considers as haram. If Islamic finance were applied to Western economies there would not be in the current deplorable shape that presently is the case. And they CANNOT be fixed without a radical, out of the box solution from another world, the Islamic world. Another structural Western economic problem that Islam has something to say about is the dispersion of cost and the consolidation of benefits to selected individual and corporation. The racist people in charge know these possible answers from Islam well so Islam is deemed as a threat to Europeans and their progeny.  These are other reasons to blaspheme the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and suppressed possible and real non-Western democratic solutions as given by the Islamic traditions. 
We are unable to make the judgment that Islam or its Prophet is/was perfect. Within Islam, the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia continues to destroy historic shrines under the pretext that ancient monuments could encourage idolatry; it supports Western inspired terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. It was in the name of Islam that Arabs invaded North African countries and instituted their religion at the tip of a sword and displaced Animism and other authentic and indigenous religions that evolved from the beginning of time. Internal and external forces strive to maintain a near artificial difference between Shia, Sunni, Sufi and other sects. Arabs are known for spitting upon Black people. Even within the royal family of al-Saud, Prince Bandar (Bush) was never to be seen as a likely successor to his brother, the king, primarily because his mother was a black African woman. It was Ayatollah Khomeini who reminded us that in Islam only Allah, not Mohammad, is King. Still, we have the preponderance of Western established petrol monarchies in the Islamic world aimed at servicing Western interests, not those of the Mohammedans.
On the other hand, we have France, the Netherlands and other European countries banning academicians and others who question the efficacy of the established holocaust narrative that is said to have happened in Europe, particularly Germany during World War Two. Merely questioning the ‘holocaust’ can land one in jail in several European countries but the real Holocaust of 100 million African is removed from our collective memory - a Holocaust that was a Jewish project from the beginning to the end and as started by Christopher Columbus, the Italian Jew. Why don’t the Bajans ask why we have the second oldest Synagogue in the Western world? What about the involvement of the Arabs in this global enterprise? Would the Prophet (PBUH) have countenance this massive crime? We humbly submit not.
Followers of Mohammad (PBUH) in some European countries are prevented from wearing hijab and niqab. Even in some Muslim majority countries, like Turkey, the fundamental human rights of Muslims to dress in non-Western ways are outlawed. In Turkey it is against the law for female student to wear Islamic dress. There was a false flag operation targeting New York a number of Septembers ago. They said then that fifteen of the nineteen so-called hijackers were Muslims from Saudi Arabia working with al-Qaeda. Ok, if these were Muslims from Saudi why did they not invade Saudia Arabia? How come Western governments are working with the same al-Qaeda ‘terrorists’ to overthrow the Government of Syria right now? Tell us how come it is the same Saudi regime that is funding this anti-Syrian army? How is it that the criminal regime in Riyadh can find all these resources to kill thousands of Muslims throughout the Islamic world and would not lift a finger to address the biggest obstacle to the Islamic Ummah – the Zionist regime that occupies Palestine? Those of us who have gone to Azerbaijan have seen mass efforts to de-Islamize the country under a Western acolyte. Are these tyrants really followers of the Prophet (PBUH)? These behaviors are all un-Islamic.                                  
Westerners like to talk about human rights and the right of freedom of expression. However, if one were to go in Central London or New York or even Saudi Arabia and publicly proclaim our love for the freedom fighters of Hezbollah under the charismatic leadership of His Eminence Hassan Nasrallah or hail the revolutionary leadership of Hamas for their respective victories over occupation and domination, we will be hauled off to prison for the ‘lack of free speech’. More importantly, should be bring to a popular narration the two military victories over the Zionist usurpers by the Great Iranian Nation, Western apologists will call us supporters of a terrorist state and may even haul us off to Guantanamo Bay or Bhagram. But the beloved Prophet of the Muslim peoples (PBUH) can be denigrated and blasphemed while France and the USA insist that the ‘rights’ of white Westerners are sacred, not the beliefs of two billion Muslims. Does this not make the whole religious philosophical construction questionable, at least? Islam, as sincerely followed, commands the believer to defend the oppressed. It is this central commandment that Western leadership finds uncomfortable.
Nearly a week ago we surmised that the release of this ‘trailer’ was a Zionist-AntiObama-Mormon-Republican plot hatched by elements within the intelligence communities of the USA and Israel. This conclusion was based on an environmental analysis as the issue was unfolding. That environment indicated that Netanyahu was trying to interfere in the US presidential election to force Obama to make concessions that would guarantee a war with Iran regardless to who is elected president. Romney had already given Netanyahu a commitment that he (Romney) will declare a war on Iran if he won the election. So Adelson and all the other Jewish billionaires were flooding the Romney campaign will billions of dollars. But Netanyahu could not be certain that Romney would win. He however knew that Romney will do anything to become president of the USA. But in order to be certain that a war was on the cards Netanyahu wanted an iron clad guarantee from both candidates. No better bet than to get both candidates to make concessions that would guarantee a war where Americans would be sent to die for Israel again. And a lot of them would die in a war with IRI. But Obama was balking, so Netanyahu came to the USA to focus his not inconsiderable political and economic might to force Obama to obey the will of his master (Netanyahu). Imagine, what is wrong with the world when an inconsequential dependant state has the temerity to threaten the leader of the global hegemon? The Zionists have always and will continue to believe that they can determine American foreign policy, issues of war and peace. All this based on the lie that Jews are the chosen people of some god somewhere. The blasphemy against the Prophet (PBUH) represents the work of this devil and its agents around the world to create the circumstances for another war in the Islamic Ummah. Nothing is sacred or sublime with these people!
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