Caribbean Youth Region's Future

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                                            Caribbean Youth  Region's Future

Since we at Mahogany Coconut see the Caribbean as one nation, we are not given to petty insular commentary. We stoutly believe that the pursuit of freedom cannot be attained without mental preparation.
Our invalid education system is current evidence, that governmental and developmental bankruptcy, when ignored or left unchecked, produce maladies that are not easily controlled or eradicated. We are often left to quote Bob Marley: “Free you from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds…….”
Our reading of current regional trends, informs us that the future of our region, now rests with citizens who are of twenty five years old and younger. We would not for one moment suggest that those over twenty five, should be put out to pasture. Far from! We are merely stating that the world has been reshaped dramatically since the 1970’s and the region missed the boat.
We contend that our young citizens are better equipped to carry the region forward because of their closeness, to the reality of a technologically driven world. However, we have no doubt that our older citizens, should provide: mentoring, guidance, and inspiration.
We boldly say that our older citizens cannot be the future backbone of the region. Production, innovation imagination and creativity must be at the forefront of regional development. We strongly believe in giving Jack his jacket and we therefore thank those who have contributed to our development. But while we respect the past, we cannot turn a blind eye and ignore the future.
If we fail to prepare our youth for regional and global leadership, it would be a huge mistake from which we may never recover.

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