Honour Sir Garry In His Hometown

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                                                                                Honour Sir Garry In His Hometown

                                            By Michael Headley

Sir Garry Sobers

It was riveting to read Tony Cozier's, Sir Gary's Double(Sunday Sun 3/30/14) in which Mr. Cozier highlighted Sir Garfied St. Auburn Sobers’ illustrious cricketing career.  It was chronicled from  his first test match, when he represented the West Indies, at the tender age of 17, on March 30, 1954, against England at Sabina Park Jamaica, to his final  test in 1974,against England, at Queen's Park Oval Trinidad.  A March 30, 60/40 year phenomenon. 
Over the years this humble Baylanian and global cricketing Master has received many honours, notably his Knighthood, and his statute at Kensington Oval.  However,  I still don't understand why 'Sir Gary's Way'  has not been added to the Walcott's Ave signpost, in Beckle's Road, St. Michael, that points the way to his boyhood home.  Also, why has no memento, in the form of a plaque, with a bat and a ball, been erected on his boyhood home, for young sporting enthusiasts to be reminded ofthis loyal son of the soil humble beginnings.
Why is the duly elected representative and other sporting officials silent on this matter?  Is this in the purview of the Community Councils?  Where is the Corporate sponsorship?  Would it be too costly?   Even if a grassroots effort is mounted to accomplish this it will still need official sanction.  Of course all of this should only be done if Sir Gary approves.
Sir Gary's intangible value to the game of cricket is immeasurable because it would be difficult to create a formula to  captureor compute the insurmountable joy that his walk,  to the wicket, brought to spectators, even if he didn’t score a single run.
The time has come to hit one  over the boundary for Sir Gary and honour him in his boyhood home.  The hearts of theremaining Lazy Town Cats, the nickname given to his contemporaries who 'hung out' in the late Jack Ben’s verandah ,wouldbe gladden.  And it may even resurrect the spirits of those who have passed on to share in this moment. 
Michael Headley is a social commentator
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