Good To Be Back

Two years ago we at Mahogany Coconut Blog embarked on a journey of radically informing the people of the Caribbean of the true position of our island states. Unfortunately, our efforts had to be aborted because of the abandonment of the Caribbean Think Tank that was to be the engine of Mahogany Coconut. Efforts to get going again were further derailed by time constraints as many of those involved had to flee America and find refuge back in their Caribbean home states. Yes , friends the recession did not start last week with Obama,(USA);Golding,(Jamaica);Thompson,(Barbados) or Persad-Bissensar, (Trinidad and Tobago).
The truth is that all the leaders before them should have seen it coming but they buried their heads in the sand and hoped that they would have been returned to office and continue the mismanagement of their economies. Just look around and see the cost over runs in Barbados under Owen Arthur,; The rampant crime in Trinidad and the wastage of oil revenues under Manning and the almost disappearance of law and under and the further decline of the economy under Simpson, (Jamaica). We dear not mention Guyana ,which is now awashed in a social and economic malaise that makes us all have sleepless nights.
As Mahogany Coconut returns , we are more determined that this time we will not rest until the Caribbean is put right by those elected to lead and as we close this brief comment we serve warning to those who believe that the voices of progressive Caribbean people have been silenced to note that we were perhaps asleep but have been awakened by the the threat of persistent poverty and corruption which is now rising in our beloved island states.
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