Poor Rakey

As our island state continues to grapple with the growing pains of a young democracy, it is becoming quite obvious that the major threat to our well being is the current crop of visionless and inept leaders.  Gone are the days of insightful and scholarly debate. It has now been replaced with what Mr. Owen Arthur calls “poor rakey” and I say to Mr. Arthur that he has been one of the major architects of the “poor rakey”state.
We are forking out over a half million dollars to expose the managerial failings of a teacher, who perhaps should have never been a principal. Pray tell how can any manager, stand up at an end of year function and criticize his staff and then expect their support.  So daily we are hearing about his shortcomings. It would have been better to fire him and then take years to settle it in court. Ask the contractor who is still waiting on his money. Governments in these parts take years to pay!

Ms.Mia Mottley now fully revitalized and smelling the crown, states that the half million could have repaired sixteen houses. Where was Ms. Mottley when a couple of hundred thousands were spent on a public bath at Silver Sands? Was she deserted by her arithmetic at that time? Where was Ms. Mottley, when the over runs accumulated by her party were approaching a billion dollars. Gimme me a break Mia! How many houses did the B.L.P build in three terms Ms. Mottley?

And now we come to the junk bond status ratings we were given by Standard and Poor. The Opposition says we need an election and the governor of the central bank should go home. What will this solve? Anybody in Barbados who believes that Clyde Mascoll and Owen Arthur have the brains of Dr.Delisle Worrell is living on another planet. I would take Dr. Worrell's word over Mascoll, Arthur, Mottley and Standard and Poor. His track record as an economist and creative Caribbean intellect cannot be questioned.
As for the Dems, they have squandered an opportunity to make us proud again. The real Freundel Stuart has refused to turn up.  They have succeeded in bungling everything from CLICO to Red Jet; to Integrity Legislation and the same Alexandra issue. As Dr. Neville Duncan says, Stuart needs to get something positive on his report card or he would find himself before the cameras on election night, eloquently explaining how he so skillfully led the Democratic Party to a one term defeat.
The only bright hope is that we know that the Dems and Bees “is six of one and half dozen of the next” and regardless to what happens things would not get any worse or any better. That is what happens in young democracies with visionless leaders. Nothing happens or everything remains the same. The Bees and Dees have succeeded in making us all look poor rakey.
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