Britain Deporting Caribbean Nationals

Early Caribbean Immigrants in Britain

The British government is considering deporting criminals to the Caribbean. It seems that they are so hell bent on repopulating the Caribbean with the criminal element that ,they are prepared to build jails in our islands, rather than imprison Caribbean people in Britain.
We are now left to wonder if these criminal elements are actually Caribbean nationals or British with Caribbean backgrounds. However, this should not shock us because the USA already deports Caribbean nationals when they run afoul of the law. We have not heard the USA suggest it builds prisons for us but it may not be too distant in their thoughts.  They prefer to give us prisons rather than schools, lower income housing and health facilities.
The Caribbean people literally built the British health and transport systems and have contributed significantly to the so- called mother country. They have survived the horrific racism of the 60’s and discrimination in all forms. It is becoming clear to us that sooner rather than later, Caribbean people must realize we have no way to run. We are now seen and branded as criminals to be shuttled between prisons.
We are already aware that Caribbean people in the USA are witnessing an increase in police activity in their neighborhoods, because law enforcement personnel have been given the green light, to make immigrants as uncomfortable as possible. We are yet to hear of any similar activity in Canada.
During the height of the colonial slave empire, the Caribbean was considered the jewel in Britain’s crown. We fought on the battlefields to save the British Empire and then were a source of cheap labor in their hospitals and transport systems. However, all of this has now been forgotten and they see us burdens on their health care system and parasites on their social services. This should not surprise us because they even had great difficulty in calling British children born of Caribbean parents British! All doors are closing on us. The quicker we become one Caribbean Nation, the better.
The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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