Jamaica Will Rise

The Jamaican Flag

 The recent news that the International Monetary Fund is once more a major player in the Jamaica economy, would have been a bitter pill not only for Jamaicans, but for all Caribbean people, who have watched this magnificent Caribbean, country battle political and economic challenges for the better part of three  decades.
We do not join those who believe that Jamaica is to be ridiculed. Quite frankly, we believe quite the opposite! Jamaicans have made and will continue to make an outstanding contribution to the Caribbean Nation and we state, without apology, there can be no real genuine Caribbean Nation without a pivotal role being played by Jamaica.
We also believe, that in terms of forging a Caribbean Nation, Jamaica has produced two of the most inspirational and erudite prime ministers, in Mr. P.J. Patterson and Mr. Michael Manley. We go further and state that Patterson remains one of the most progressive Caribbean politicians of the post independence period. We can also state that it would be very difficult, to identify any of the current leaders as such.
 It is perhaps the best known Caribbean Nation because of its iconic world standing, having given the world Bob Marley and more recently Usain Bolt. Michael Manley had crafted an international appeal as a third world leader and would forever be remembered for defending the rights of progressive  Caribbean countries, such as Cuba.
We are therefore more than confident that Jamaica has the ability to overcome its current challenges because of the tenacity, positivity and creative skills of the Jamaican people. We understand the doubts but the loyalty of Jamaicans to their country cannot be questioned. Those who have interacted with Jamaicans in the Diaspora can attest to their independent spirit and their pride in remaining Jamaicans at all times.
We see Jamaica's problems as no different from the entire Caribbean, struggling to survive a recession that is not of our making. Perhaps this latest trip to the IMF would be the last since we are becoming more aware that to solve our problems we need to look inward. We know that once Jamaica looks inward, its mighty people will heed the call of their own Marcus Garvey: Rise…rise you mighty people. Rise!

We invite you to listen to Jimmy Cliff's "Oh Jamaica" by hitting the link below:

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