Rihanna , Chris Brown Saga


While we do not want to get too involved in the life styles of rich and famous personalities, we feel it necessary to comment on recent reports, that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be finally calling it quits.
Needless to say, we do not for one moment believe that this is the end of this crazy celebrity saga,but Rihanna is a Caribbean woman and her welfare and well being concern us. Furthermore, as we push culture and entertainment as forex (foreign exchange) earners, we also have to pay some attention to those from our region, who are well placed to assist.
Rihanna is a high profile celebrity, who is being utilized by the Barbados Tourism Authority, to market Barbados. In all fairness to this mega star, she has always mentioned Barbados, whenever the opportunity has arisen. We all admire her and she seems to have her act together, although she occasionally, shocks us with the usual celebrity exploits.
 We must state that we welcome Mr. Brown’s departure. We know that Rihanna forgave him, and love is like that.However, we do not hold men who beat women in any esteem and we honestly believe ,  matters of the heart notwithstanding, that Rihanna can do much better than Chris Brown in the men’s department !
We would not hold our breath, but we hope she takes this opportunity and leave this gentleman outside her gates. Let’s hope that this good bye is forever.
Kindly hit the links below for two calypsos that touch on abuse. One by the group MADD threatens Chris Brown, if he ever “Hit She Again” and the other is a classic by Singing Francine "Run Away" telling women to run from such men .

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