Child Abuse Now Rampant In Region

                                        Child Abuse Now Rampant In region

Caribbean Nation Leaders
As we have often said, the Mahogany Coconut Group is not in the business of saying: “we told you so”. From our inception, we have tried our utmost to highlight the challenge our Caribbean region faces, when it comes to the continued abuse of our: children, women and elderly. We do not take our positions our lightly.Today's editorial  of theTrinidad Express is instructive. it brings home the hurtful truth of what we have been saying for the better part of the last decade- that the disrespect toward our women in the Caribbean -is going to literally wreck our communities if we do not address this matter with great urgency. We agree that tasks force and other well-intentioned politically sanctioned instruments can be used. However, without progressive legislation, focused law enforcement agencies and the needed state controlled arms, to professionally execute policies, we would continue to spin top in mud!
The statistics coming out of Trinidad and Tobago-2500 teenage pregnancies per year- represent the tip of the iceberg. When we combine all the cases of teenage pregnancies and child abuse throughout the region, we are unfortunately certain, that thousands of our Caribbean children are being physically and sexually abused. We cannot turn a blind eye to this harrowing reality.
In a region, now devoid of progressive public and private sector leadership, we are afraid that the rapid decline of our individual island nation economies and communities is starting to wreak havoc and the days of community groups and other wholesome activities for our young nationals, are quickly disappearing from our societies.
We therefore welcome the debate /discussion now enveloping Trinidad and Tobago regarding the high level of teenage pregnancies/child abuse.  We remain adamant that unless our regional leaders move with great haste to address the continued abuse of our children, women and elderly all the gains made since the abolition of slavery will be in vain. 
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