Dateline Ukraine - The 'New' Cold War, The Grand Chess Board

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                                                 Dateline Ukraine - The 'New' Cold War, The Grand Chess Board

Ukraine Pretesters

   By Pachamama
 The schizophrenia of Western leaders and policymakers reminds us of their ‘illustrious’ forebears in Ancient Rome, particularly Nero and Caligula. For it was Caligula (37AD – 41AD) who named his horse as pro-counsel and Nero (54AD – 68AD) whose location of extreme madness at the centre of world governance remains infamous, even after nearly 2000 years. The proximity of this culture of insanity is not unlike the normalization of the madness of Bush (the younger) and Reagan, in more recent times. If we wanted to be charitable to Obama and then proceeded to draw parallels to the Libyan Roman Emperor, Alexander Serverus (222AD – 235AD), based solely on their supposedly mixed racial characteristics, a straight line of insanity to high office could be drawn directly to Barack Obama. Indeed, all Presidents of the USA were, are and must be, mad dogs of war. 
At the end of the ‘last’ Cold War, Bush, the father, Reagan and Clinton promised Gorbachev of the former USSR that they will not bring NATO to Russia’s borders. However, as soon as there were sure about the formal dismantlement of the Soviet Empire they proceeded to do exactly that, with a number of states of the former USSR either joining NATO or becoming members of the European Union (EU) or both. NATO is now a global military alliance. The Cold War might have ended but the blood-lust of the hidden controllers of the world and their faceless stooges who front these dark obsessions continues apace, for them, war could never end. War is a big business. For Western world leaders, war is an ever present variable. Whether hot or cold, terrorist of fascist, proxy or declared, diplomatic or cultural, war is their central occupation. 
Western expansionism on the one hand and a misreading of the true nature of Empire, by the then President of Georgia, on the other, led to a brief war with Russia that resulted in the 'annexation' of South Ossetia and Abkhazia - 2008. Not even this slap in the face of the American educated, former President, Mikheil Saakashvili, by then Russian Federation President, Dimitry Medvedev, could moderate the ideological commitment of the West to continue the Cold War against the Russian Federation, aimed at obtaining unrivaled global dominance under the guise of a transformed relationship, it was a trick! This same trick has been used for centuries - war by stealth. The onslaught on Ukraine by the West was centrally aimed at denying Russia a wider presence in Crimea, a warm water port and access for its Black Sea Fleet. They initial intention, in the short-term, was to punish their Russian 'colony' – like it was under the drunkard Boris Yeltsin - for preventing the removal of President Assad in Syria. These are the movement of pawns on the Grand Chess Board, that in the long-term, are aimed at the military encirclement and checkmating of Russia. 
Ukraine, before it recently rejoined Russia, had centuries old, cultural and historical ties. Up to fifty percent of the population spoke Russian. Crimea has a Tartar-Turkish-Islamic minority population which the West, no doubt, will soon find cause to arm, urging them to break away while bringing further instability within the newly defied Russian borders, like has long been happening in Chechnya. It is the West, unable to beat anybody in a declared war, with the help of the satrapies in the Gulf, which are exporting Chechnyan terrorists all over the world as an instrument of a vicious and endless war. They will use these illegal and immoral forces as they seek what are called in diplomatic circles, 'political concessions' from Russia and other countries. But they shall fail, again. And their Empire will be laid waste. Not from outside but internal collapse. 
The then democratically elected government of Ukraine was well known to have been supported by Russia. Even so it was the Russians themselves who supported tripartite arrangements with the EU. They argue that Ukraine should neither be Western influenced nor Russian influence. That it should be a neutral state and that no offensive forces were to be on Russia's borders. But this was not to advance the hidden Western objectives for the political and economic destabilization of Russia itself, as a medium to longer term goal. In addition, this noble proposal could not bear fruit because the Western leaders saw it as a diplomatic defeat. A defeat that would have forestalled their strategic objectives. 
The West then proceeded to topple a democratically elected government showing a nakedness that says to all world countries 'we only like democracy when it serves our interests'. For them, this is not new, only more exposed for the world to see. In doing so, the West, supported rabid, rancid, Rights Sector, fascists. People whose forebears were the lovers of Adolf Hitler, himself. The Jewish influenced and significantly owned Western media has no problems with this constellation of forces. Because it is alright to kill Jews, burn synagogues and preach antisemitism when the larger goals of some elites are at stake. They are and always have been, mere pawns, in this Great Game, nothing else. All this when, in many European countries, citizens cannot even question the popular narrative of what is now called the Holocaust. 
So we had the opened, Western-backed removal of a duly elected government, Crimea rejoining Russia, all influenced by the Western determination to step up the war against Russia and China in a quest for absolute global hegemony. The countries whose growing power threatens to end Western cultural dominance of the world. And the Western game of chicken aimed at forcing the Russians to back down and subjugating their interests, international prestige and territorial integrity to Western demands, is getting more and more dangerous. 
Western and Southern Ukraine, in borrowing a page out of the EU-USA-CIA-NATO playbook. They are rightly demanding not to be governed by a putsch government, an illegal government. They are demanding self -determination, democracy and to be a part of Russia. They are demanding a referendum to gain mass approval. To Obama and the EU this is a travesty. For the West, this scenario was alright for South Sudan. It was alright, as they planned to dismember Iraq. Annexation was and still is good for Syria. It was always good for Palestine. But, it is not right for Scotland. It is not good for the Basque regions of Spain. It is not good for the Italian provinces that want to go their own way. And it will never be good for those in the USA, itself, with a growing number of states demanding a separation from Empire. You see, the breaking up and the bringing together of people into countries must be in the interests of Empire and the corporates which form the leading edge of imperialism. 
This Russian situation is likely to get far worse before Obama and his pantomime of cowards cave. And they must cave! These armchair warriors lack the courage to have a direct confrontation with Putin. Russian is a strong country with tens of thousands of thermal nuclear weapons. The Americans are not well known for challenging any worthy opponent. They like to beat up on small countries which can't defend themselves. Russia is the largest country on earth. Not even Napoleon nor Hitler could subdue Russia. And this mere boy Obama will do no better either. So they will resort to 'sanctions' and more sanctions. Russia will consider the imposition of sanctions, in themselves, as a declaration of war. And Russia has an inalienable right to self defense. However, this timid 'jestering' is more likely to harm the bleating European sheeple, like Britain and Germany, more than Russia. A self-inflicted wound! But the so-called Western Alliance has sleep-walked into a vulnerable position on the Chess Board. It is a position where it is impossible for them to win and a draw is unlikely. They will be checkmated! 
This represents the endgame for the Anglo-American Empire, regardless of the outcome of this current crisis. Remember, this is about gaining political concessions from Russia. Maybe an agreement, the West is hoping, that they could find leverage to persuade Russia to resume selling oil and gas in US dollars. That Russia will recognize the US dollar as the international currency of last resort. That Russia will veto efforts by the BRICS to form a parallel international monetary system. These concessions will amount to leveraging Russian resources to fight wars on the Russian Federation itself. They will mean that Russia is to surrender international prestige and power to western capitals. In other words, Russian must defeat itself for the Anglo-American Empire to continue. 
But the Anglo-American Empire has no other options and time is fast running out. People are loosing confidence in the American financial system. Total national debt, including the unfunded liabilities, exceed 200 trillion. It is essentially, unrepayable. Should the USA not be in a position to print useless paper money and did it not have the largest military on earth to enforce acceptance of the dollar, a military larger than the combined next 10 world countries, the USA would have, no more relative global power than the Caribbean island state of Barbados. 
So the West continues to posture. To up the ante. Vice-President Kerry and the CIA director are encouraging the putsch government in Ukraine to further antagonize Russia, treat the Russian speaking people in the east and south of Ukraine as 'terrorists'. People you are making a persuasive claim for self-determination. A self-determination not intended to further Western interests. So if they are not to be the friends of the West they are to be deemed terrorists, like if Empire hasn't had the coziest of relationships with all kinds of despicable characters already. They are to be AL-Queda, the last Western boogeyman, for Empire must always have a 'demon' to ensure its very existence. 
The case of Ukraine is likely to reveal Western finance capitalism and the Anglo-American Empire to be checkmated, in geo-political, geo-strategic terms. This crisis will end with the West unable to go to the bathroom unless they first seek permission from other players. They have no will to fight a war against any worthy adversary. They have no resources. They nations are war wary after the exploits of the polymath, George Bush and his Neo-cons. Their economies are broken. They couldn't even win against broken back countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. How could these people even dream of fighting a real country? It must be the insanity of Obama. Thinking that he could keep his promises to the hidden rulers of the world. A job which Bush started. One he promised to finish more intelligently. A war which could mean the end of all wars, and all of us too.      

Pachamama is a social commentator 

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