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We have previously expressed our position on a number of issues. Since many have resurfaced over the past weeks, we are offering brief comments on a number of them.
 Gay Marriage
 This ruling came as no surprise to the Mahogany Coconut Group (MCG). We have often expressed the view that denying individuals to choose their marital partners is a denial of their democratic rights. It is no different from denying a murderer the right to trial because we believe that taking a life is wrong. A society hiding behind religious and other positions, cannot seek to control the sexual behavior of consenting adults.
  Child Abuse
 Once again we note the debate about child abuse is raging in Barbados because of the death of a child, who is alleged to have suffered abuse at the hands of his parents. Our correspondents in Bridgetown have informed us that there is now some confusion over the accusations. We maintain that all suspicions of abuse must be dealt with swiftly and the protection of the child must be the most important goal. We are calling for comprehensive legislation to deal with these matters. MCG maintains that children must be placed in the care of the state once abuse is suspected. There should be a separate unit set up in the law enforcement departments to deal with child abuse. 
 As expected the recently concluded CARICOM heads conference has gone the way of rhetoric. The regional leaders were incapable of strong agreement on every major issue and have decided to procrastinate on matters such as: the displacement of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, the Guyana –Venezuela border dispute and of course selecting a candidate for the post of Commonwealth secretary general, when elections are held in November 2015. 
 Trinidad and Tobago Elections
 Former government minister, Mr. Jack Warner continues to expose corruption among his former colleagues. Warner, who is on Interpol watch because of his involvement in the FIFA corruption scandal, has given the country much to think about. From all angles, it seems that the elections due in September will be littered with charges and counter charges of corruption, and there will no doubt be millions of dollars in circulation, to influence the voters. We can only hope that both the UNC and PNM realize that further polarization in the country, will escalate to other negative trends.
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