Long Live Dominica !

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group
Dominica National Flag
We join with all those expressing sympathy with our brothers and sisters in Dominica, who have been greatly damaged by the Tropical Storm Erika. We express our sadness for the families of those who lost their lives during this natural disaster. The news is even more devastating, when the Prime Minister, of Dominica, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit, states that the damage will set the country back by twenty years. Taken in everyday language this means that gains made for the last twenty years would be wiped out and those projected for the next twenty will now have to be put back. All we can hope is that they are not delayed by another twenty years.
Ironically, as the people in New Orleans, remember Hurricane Katrina, after ten years, they are saying that while some progress has been made, there is still much to do, ten years after the devastation. It therefore follows that if the mighty United States of America cannot get New Orleans back on its feet after ten years, there is little hope, from a purely economic perspective that Dominica‘s recovery will be swift.
We have long posited that the major threats to our region include our careless approach to the management of the environment and rising crime. When disasters such as hurricanes occur they make the protection of the environment even more difficult and lead to additional pressure on very limited resources. Citizens who have to rebuild from nothing, after having so little in the first place, can become despondent and this leads to two extremes: one, an urgent and community based effort to overcome the difficulties and a lingering negativity about their future prospects. In times such as these, there must be steadfast and energetic leadership designed and executed to halting desperation, hopelessness and negativity. We suggest it is by no means an easy task.
We encourage and know that all the Caribbean will assist in making sure that Dominica is given all the needed assistance with its efforts to rebuild and move forward. With our support the process of recovery will be shorter and some of the gains made over the last twenty years will be saved and not lost forever.

Long Live Dominica!
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