Reinstate Simmons: Drop the Board !

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group.

Phil Simmons
Like most Caribbean citizens, we have become accustomed to the stupidity that surrounds the administration of our cricket. The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is the laughing stock of cricket administrators worldwide. We are in deep straits both on and off the field. On one hand, we are barely keeping our rating as a bona fide test team, and on the other, the administrators are happy scoring duck after duck!
The latest issue is the suspension of Coach Phil Simmons, who in a moment of frustration, stated that there was “outside” influence in the selection of the team that is bound for Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, for Simmons, he chose to make his position known publicly. The Board, no doubt considers such a breach enough to order his suspension. However, what was most remarkable was the decision of the selectors to revisit the selection process and then include the same two players (Bravo and Pollard) that Simmons believed should have been in the squad in the first place! If this sounds strange to our readers, we must admit that it feels stranger actually writing it!
Having become so accustomed to all of this nonsense, we would have figured that the Board could no longer out do itself but we were sadly mistaken. It is also very laughable, that the Board, in its attempts to solve problems, is seeking guidance from some of the politicians and prime ministers in the region. We respectfully submit that these leaders, are so inefficient at solving the day to day problems in their own countries, that we unfortunately have no confidence in them to solve anything.
It therefore becomes very necessary to ask the Board how long do we have to put up with its stupidity. In the mean time, we advise Coach Simmons to apologise for the breach of protocol; we call for the reinstatement of him as the coach, and we humbly suggest that this current Board be sent packing.

Enough is enough. After all how many ducks can the Board make before we drop it. 
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