Welcome back , Mr. Holness

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness
While we have made it quite clear that we have been less than impressed with Mr. Andrew Holness’ positions regarding CARICOM and the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), we welcome him back as the Prime Minister of Jamaica. As we always say: The voice of the people is the voice of the gods, we put gods in the plural as our way of embracing all deities.
We also take this opportunity, to wish the vanquished, Ms. Portia Simpson -Miller all the best. We do not believe that her political career is over. She has cleared many difficult hurdles in her rise to the top and we can only hope that she has a deserved soft landing. In terms of the female Prime Ministers we have had to date, we remain utterly convinced, that she has been the pick of the crop.
Mr. Holness will have to undergo a profound metamorphosis before the Mahogany Coconut Group(MCG) changes its opinion of him as a very crude obstructionist, when it comes  to matters pertaining to a unified Caribbean. However this is a time to be gracious and we extend to him the traditional honeymoon period. If we could dare, to be tongue in cheek, we may say that having his wife, Mrs. Juliet Holness as a fellow parliamentarian, should make his honeymoon quite comfortable.
In welcoming Mrs. Holness to parliament, we wish her nothing but the very best. From all reports, she is a kind and generous person, who is known for spontaneous acts of charity to the lesser fortunate of her country’s citizens. There is no doubt that her elevation to such high office, is a testimony of those wonderful traits. We are also encouraged, that yet another husband and wife team has offered public service to their countries and this sends a positive, powerful, message that productive couples can blend their talents and work for the good of their communities and countries.

We therefore wish Mr. Holness and our Jamaican brothers and sisters well and hope that their wonderful country, will continue to overcome all the challenges that await the new administration of the Jamaica Labour Party.
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