Tony Cozier : A Tribute

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

By The Mahogany Coconut Group

Tony Cozier
It is not often that the talent of any individual is compared  to that of  Sir Garry Sobers, who is yet to be surpassed or  seriously challenged , as the greatest all rounder cricketer of all times. Therefore those who are comparing the cricket journalistic skills of the late Tony Cozier to Sir Garry’s cricketing skills are really saying that Cozier is perhaps the greatest cricket journalist ever. The comparison with Sir Garry,  cricket greatest all rounder , means that Cozier’s all round talent as a journalist who distinguished himself in radio, print and television commentary, is similar to Sir Garry’s complete mastery of bowling, batting and fielding! It is a comparison with which we readily agree.
We will remember Tony Cozier as the ultimate professional and it is indeed a tribute to Barbados and indeed the wider Caribbean, that we could collectively produce such an astonishing talent. However, we also believe that Cozier, did not allow the fact that he came from such a small island and an even smaller region, to in any way limit his rising to the top of his chosen profession. His success should be a cathedral of hope to not only sport journalists but to all Caribbean people, who must, at all times strive to achieve excellence.
His was a spectacular innings built with passion, devotion and a genuine love for the game that all Caribbean people love and what is essentially a religion to the region. He did the region proud and like Sir Garry has set a standard that will not be easily matched far less surpassed.
We therefore take this opportunity to extend our sincere condolences to his family and our entire cricketing fraternity, who have lost one of its greatest representatives

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