Grenadian Sisters Humiliated in Barbados

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Grenadian sisters recount ‘humiliating’ experience in Barbados
10:27, January 13, 2017
Barbadian law enforcement has this week come under fire in a neighbouring Caribbean country.
CC6 News in Grenada this week reported on the experience of the Gilbert family, which was shared on Wednesday night television talk show ‘You Decide’.
According to siblings Lynell and Tamika Gilbert, their trip to Barbados in October 2016 to renew their US visas took a terrible turn after they were accused of theft, taken into police custody and strip searched.
The sisters recounted that after completing their business with other family members at the US Embassy here, they went into Bridgetown to do some shopping. After making some purchases in a store in Mall 34, they left and went into another mall across the street. However, not long afterwards, the store owner from Mall 34 followed them to the other mall and asked Tamika if she had stolen her cell phone.
Tamika said she was taken aback by the question, but knowing she was innocent, was cooperative and emptied her bag for the store owner to see she did not have her phone. The woman left, saying she was going to check her security footage, but instead returned with police officers.
The Gilbert sisters said the situation became very hostile as “about 20 police officers or more” converged on the scene, some in plain clothes and others armed, making them wonder why such a commotion was being made over an unsubstantiated accusation of theft. They were told that if they refused to go to the police station they would be arrested for suspicion of theft.
They said they went willingly to the police station, where they were made to remove all their clothing and squat and cough as part of a strip search for the missing cellphone.
Throughout the ordeal, the Gilbert sisters said the officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force were very aggressive towards them, barking orders and treating them with hostility.
The Gilbert sisters said they were eventually told the security footage from the store could not assist in the investigation and since their release, nothing further has come of the matter.
Also appearing on the You Decide programme was attorney Ruggles Ferguson, a former President of the Grenada Bar Association as well as the OECS Bar Association. Ferguson described the actions of the RBPF officers as “lawless”, adding that anecdotal experience suggests that the treatment meted out to the Gilbert sisters is not unusual when it comes to the RBPF – a travesty that he says needs to be addressed.
Loop News reached out to the Royal Barbados Police Force and Police spokesperson Roland Cobbler said that police investigated that matter last year, but he said that he will relook into it and provide further information.
[UPDATE: 4:00pm]
In a statement issued by the Police spokesperson Roland Cobbler, he said that the administration of the Royal Barbados Police Force has ordered an internal investigation into a recent Facebook posting which is circulating, entitled Grenadian sisters recount ‘humiliating experience in Barbados'. This posting highlights an encounter by a Grenadian family with members of the Royal Barbados Police Force.
A press release will be made in due course following these investigations.

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The Mahogany Coconut Group calls for an immediate stop to such incidents throughout the region.

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