Trinidad Footballer Dwight Yorke Denied Entry to USA

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

FORMER Manchester United striker and Trinidad and Tobago sport ambassador Dwight Yorke was expected to arrive in Trinidad last night after being denied entry to the United States on Friday morning.
He later travelled to the United Kingdom, then booked a flight directly to Trini­dad, where he was scheduled to arrive last night, a source close to the former professional footballer said.
Yorke was barred from entering the US due to an Iranian stamp on his passport, where he travelled to participate in a ­charity match in Tehran in 2015.
Iran was one of the seven “Muslim-­majority” countries listed in an executive order passed by US President Donald Trump, prohibiting entry to the US for 90 days. Also included in the ban were citizens from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.
The ban was eventually halted by a US federal court.
Yorke recounted his experience to UK media, saying he was made to feel like a criminal. “I couldn't quite believe what was happening.

From The Trinidad Express 2/20/17

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