Poet's Corner : Intersection

The Caribbean Is One Nation.  

                                                                Go to the intersection
                                                                  And Stop !
                                                                  Block The Immigrants
                                                                  Block Education in
                                                                 the   PROJECTS
                                                                 Sit in your S-U-V
                                                                     You  S  O  B
                                                                  block welfare
                                                                  block black arts
                                                                  block Healthcare
                                                               Do   not   move !
                                                                 You are tired of
                                                                   the traffic-
                                                              From the Caribbean
                                                                  from Africa
                                                                  from Croatia
                                                                  from Asia
                                                                  from MEXICO !!!!!!
                                                                 It’s Your
                                                            The highway is YOURS
                                                              Or    is    it ?
                                                        Block the intersection
                                                         Block the  Native Americans
                                                          Block the political Prisoners
                                                             IN    Your   S U V
                                                           You   S  O  B
                                                Go to the  intersection
                                                          and block
                                                          Create a JAM
                                                  Fuck    the   Violation
                                                    Send Your Soccer  Moms
                                                    To block the intersection
                                                       With their   S   U    V
                                                           You  S    O   B
                                               Block those with wallet
                                                    In their pocket
                                           BANG ! BANG ! BANG !!
                                            Metal on Flesh
                                           At the intersection
                                            Death by planned
                                             At the intersection
                                                Asshole ;
                                          You forgot your wife
                                          Was in the  Suv
                                           Your children
                                                Your grandchildren
                                                   are in the  S u v
                                               You Sob ! !
                                         You block up the
                                                     In    ter    sec   tion
                                             With your big
                                                white  S U V   ! !
                                     MASS ACCIDENT
                                        INDIAN DEAD
                                         MEXICAN DEAD
                                            CARIBBEAN MAN DEAD
                                              AFRICAN MAN DEAD
                                    Afro   AMERICAN DEAD -TWICE
                                              THEN YOU DEAD
                                           ASS       HOLE
                                      YOU DID NOT SEE
                                          THE TRAIN
                                        You block the
                                                 WRONG INTERSECTION
                                           METAL ON  METAL
                                               METAL ON FLESH
                                          INTERSECTION BLOCKED
                                                FOREVER- ALL CASUALTIES

William Skinner is a published poet




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