War Crimes

   by Pachamama
Everywhere white people have gone they have left a trail of mass crimes against all the peoples of color of this world. Never before in the history of mankind have we entered an epoch where one racial group is so intent on maintaining their dominance that they are willing to develop the most powerful weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to be held by them, almost exclusively, while constructing a international network of institutions to prevent others from defending themselves using the same means. They are weapons of mass destruction which continue to kill innocent civilians for thousands of years after their initial use. Americans are not generally aware of the biological, technological and environmental war crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of North America. Machismo guides the general American memory about the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki – these are never seen as war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. Nationalistic excuses are readily used to justify these crimes. Thanks to a compliant corporate media very little is known about the more recent application of WMD by the United States and NATO to the battlefield. We will postulate that the white supremacist in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Kingdom (UK), the UN and the USA have collectively used tactical nuclear weapons (TNW), depleted uranium (DU), Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME), and chemical weapons in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Gaza and Lebanon. The white countries also possess large stockpiles of biological weapons. More importantly, the enemies of life are constantly developing and are prepared to use more and more powerful WMD in circumstances determined by them, sometimes under the cover of the UN as the sole body to declare aggressive war. However, based on our history it seems nothing less than a tectonic shift could redress these imbalances.
The UN and its security council (UNSC), under Ban Ki Moon, have finally devolved into a branch of the Pentagon and NATO. As such, the Security Council virtually declared war on Libya by passing a resolution, backed by the UK, France and the USA that was to, on its face, defend the people of Libya when it was clear that the white supremacist were intent on regime change in Libya and stealing its resources in the midst of the Islamic Awakening (IA). Thousand of sorties were flown over Libya, 50,000 people were killed, thousands of black Libyans were massacred, the country’s infrastructure was destroyed, a fracture has developed in this artificial nation/state, tons of depleted uranium weapons, tons of uranium tipped bunker busters and DIME weapons were used. Few member states raised a voice when the people who needed protection, in this ‘humanitarian war’, were from the former regime. Where were the NATO planes when a defenseless Khadafy and his people were being bombarded for weeks from the ground? They were bombarding them from the skies. More importantly, how can the supremacists use WMD with impunity? Why does the International Criminal Court (ICC) never seem interested in the crimes as blatantly committed by the victors of these wars? More fundamentally, why are black leaders from African countries seem to be the only ones to attract the attentions of the ICC investigators? Depleted uranium has a half-life of hundreds of thousands of years. The plutonium in the tactical nuclear bombs has a half-life of many more years. Libyans can expect, forever, astronomical levels of cancers, deforms babies, miscarriages, and mush more as a result of the contamination of their land, air and water by Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron and their minions from elsewhere.
We submit that Obama is not in a position to do anything other than to follow the program laid out for him – irrespective of his conception of his own race. That was the deal on acceptance. In the early 1990’s it was Bush, the elder, who use mass destruction weapons on the Iraqis after Saddam Hussein had done their bidding by illegally invading and himself using WMD on the Iranians. WMD supplied by the same supremacist in a strategy to have Iraq and Iran destroy each other to protect Israel’s position as the regional military power. The stalemate that ended the Iraq/Iran war meant that WMD could now be used against Saddam by falsely suggesting that an invasion of Kuwaiti would not attract American attentions. The retreating Iraqi army could now be bombed to smithereens as the first act of getting Saddam out and bringing Iraqi oil to the market by their favored western oil companies. The WMD used by the American and their so-called alliance will continues to kill innocent Iraqi children for millennia. To add insult to injury the same racist UN, NATO and USA forces instituted highly immoral, illegal and barbaric Chapter 7 sanctions on the peoples of Iraq. Under sanctions it was impossible to maintain sewer systems, water systems, food was scarce and spare parts were difficult to obtain. Life was nearly unbearable for the ordinary people. The western instituted sanctions and the Food for Oil Program had made paupers out of a proud people from a cradle of civilization. The second assault with WMD came under the fascist regime of Bush, the younger. 2003 was to represent the beginning of a series of war crimes by the Bush administration, the military elites and the private Praetorian Guard of Empire. It was to be the second of his major war crimes but part of a greater Christian crusade to ‘reshape a new Middle East’ – a Middle East where 6 or 7 countries were to be invaded. The UN, under Kofi Anan, declared this war as less than legal. Obama is still following the script of Bush and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) as he threatens Iran and Syria as a precursor to the real Big Game - the military encirclement and containment of China and Russia. This required the use of thousands of tons of WMD all over Iraq. In Fallujah American forces used tactical nuclear weapons in a prolonged confrontation with Iraqis freedom fighters (Mujahedeen) who opted to defend their land. Ten years later, over a million US troops have been exposed to uranium contamination, uranium related diseases are skyrocketing in Iraq, most of the world pretends that this represents the normal rules of war, Bush’s bleating lamb and co-conspirator Tony Blair fails to attract the attentions of the chief prosecutor of the ICC but was a familiar presence in Barbados as a guest of Owen Arthur. Why could he not be arrested there using the principle of international jurisdiction?
The man who some misguided people in the Caribbean and elsewhere see as the first black US president is no less committed to the white supremacist agenda. The Bill Clinton administration could not wait to break the gentleman’s agreement made between George Bush, the elder, and Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the USSR, not to extend NATO to the borders of Russia. The Yugoslav crisis of the 1990’s provided the opportunity that would see the balkanization of the former Yugoslavia. In the tribal/civil war between Serbs, Croats and Kosovars, Clinton, most say rightly, acted against the Serbs and their leader Slobodan Milosevic primarily because of war crimes committed by the Serbs. Clinton is also given credit for being the first president since World War Two to have bombed white people allegedly to save Muslims from a cruel dictator but the more punctilious amongst us have always suggested that the geo-strategic interests for the wars of the future was at the front of Clinton’s mind. So WMD had to be used to get Milosevic out, make Yugoslavia weak and break it up. The people of the former Yugoslavia are suffering like the people of Iraq and Lebanon. The Libyans are yet to see the deleterious effects of DU but it woundn’t take long. How can CARICOM or the African Union (AU) ever hope to achieve political and economic union when the general tendencies of the white powers are to use all means, including but not limited to, the use of tactical nuclear weapons and depleted uranium, to achieve their political objectives - CELAC be warned!    
In the NATO and US sponsored July 2006 war which the Zionist state of Israel imposed on the Lebanese resistant group Hezbollah saw the wide spread use of DU and DIME weapons for 33 days. In Gaza, Israel also used DIME weapons against defenseless women and children in December 2008 and the only word from Obama was that ‘the US has one president at a time’. Banned weapons supplied by the USA. Hezbollah glorious victory over the Israelis has changed the strategic equation everywhere. For it has unmasked Israel as ‘weaker than a spider’s web’. It was shown that a few thousand fighters could defeat the military powers of the world in asymmetric warfare in spite of the carpet bombing of southern Lebanon with banned weapons. Now the US is quietly leaving Iraq in defeat - there is a connection. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq had to promise Hezbollah’s allies, the Sadirist group, not to allow the Americans to stay in Iraq, as a quid pro quo for Muqtada al-Sadr’s support of his government. It was Hezbollah’s general secretary Hassan Nasrallah who brokered the deal. Of course the Iranian al-Quds Force, an elite unit in the republican guard, led by General Qassem Suleimani was clearly involved in denying the Americans the political objectives which drove the Iraq war in the first place. The Lebanese people will for millions of years have they environment polluted and there will be an enormous cost in disease, suffering and death.
We have shown the white power structure of the world as most brutal. We have sustain our fundamental argument that we are at a moment in time where white people are prepared to destroy the earth itself in order to maintain domination of all others. The normalization of the use of nuclear weapons whether tactical bombs or depleted uranium should encourage all of us to demand the destruction of all WMD and for a change in this ruthless default mindset for war. The indigenous peoples know best how to treat mother earth. 
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