Time To Get Rid Of Monarchy

The Barbados Flag

 The Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group, continues to call on the Barbados government to make the final break from the British monarchy and attain republican status for our island state. Needles to say, we are afraid that our legitimate calls will continue to fall on deaf ears. The late Errol Barrow, National Hero and the Father of Independence, once asked: “What kind of mirror image do we have of ourselves?” The failure to attain true statehood shows that our mirror image, after forty six years of independence, reveals a shameless psychological dependence on our former slave masters. Massa day ain't done!
As we once more celebrate our statehood under the patronage of the Queen, who resides in Buckingham Palace, all right thinking citizens should cry shame on both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party.  These two parties have bowed to a tiny, mostly white minority and some mentally enslaved blacks, who cannot bring themselves to make that final transition from colony to true independent sovereignty. It is a shame of unbelievable proportions.
However, on closer observation, it becomes crystal clear why the black political managerial class is showing a stark absence of political testicles. They mimic the former colonial masters to the utmost. Many of them represent the new upper classes or professionally well off beneficiaries of everything that our former masters left on the plantation. They see our island state as their personal political and professional play ground and they relish their gowns, wigs and other trappings of an era that really meant nothing more than horrors for our people. It reminds us of the story of Animal Farm. It is difficult to distinguish the animals from the farmers.
After nearly fifty years of hoisting the Broken Trident at the Garrison Savannah, we are still insulting deserving citizens with honors from a colonial era. We still speak of Knighthoods and the Orders named after a now fallen empire that whipped us into almost perpetual economic and mental subjugation.  It shows that neither of these two parties is attracting nationalists or citizens with pride. We have a collection of neo colonialists who strut about   refusing to deal with land reform, enfranchisement and worker participation. They will not pass integrity legislation because they have, in many cases, acquired wealth so quickly, that revealing their financial standing may shock  those who trek every five years or so to “vote them in” in order to rape precious but scarce resources.
The Mahogany Coconut Group will not apologise to these inept and weak excuses for politicians and their cronies , who are afraid to tell the decadent British Monarchy to just buzz off. Until they deliver the true statehood and install a President of our island state, we will continue to treat them with the disdain they so richly deserve. For if after forty six years, they do not comprehend what it means to be rid of the Queen and her dysfunctional offspring, we do not know what they really think of themselves.
However,these pathetic neo- colonialists will not stop us from wishing our fellow citizens a happy independence day, and encourage all Barbadians to join us in calling on the collective DLP/BLP misfits, to ensure that this time next year, we will be a Republic. We therefore wish all Barbadians a happy independence day and thank them for their herculean effort in keeping Barbados afloat.

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