Tourism : New Vision Needed

by Angela Goring
Tourism is our business and everyone needs to play a part.
Barbados is strategically placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, for reasons known only to our Creator. Could be, so placed to protect us from those storms that play target practice with us yearly! But, we are happy to be out here by ourselves.
Some cruise ship companies, in the past have lamented the fact that Barbados is indeed far and have opined that it may be prudent not to come this far. Now, if this should indeed be reality, what’s next?
Everyone knows that tourism is our main money earner presently. So what might those charged with the responsibility of getting those tourists to our shores do.
This would make for a most exciting time for the Caribbean region in terms of One Caribbean, One Nation. Does anybody really understand what we can do as one nation! I am exploring this mainly from a tourism point of view. We will stay at home in the Caribbean and enjoy what each island has to offer.
We will need:
  •        Our own cruise ship companies
  •        10 more airline companies with the guts of Redjet
  •         More hospitality colleges to provide training for industry professionals
  •        More hotel beds per island
  •       A new ‘brainwashing’ that compels us against narrow-mindedness and selfishness
  •       A new breed of tourism visionaries

Can we do this? Oh yes we can!
Think about the new jobs that will be created. Our money will not be shifted to China; it will circulate right here amongst us.
Let us start by engaging our sisters and brothers within our region.
Let it start with us!

Angela Goring, is the owner of Ryannne’s Restaurant, Bridgetown Barbados. She is also the owner of AMAS Productions, a culture/entertainment promotions business
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