Best and Worst of the Caribbean 2012

 BEST:        Trinidad and Tobago
Hunger Striker Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh who proved that principle and devotion to a cause override personal comfort.
WORST:     Jack Warner, National Security Minister who said that Dr. Kublasingh should hurry up and "die quickly".

BEST:           Barbados
Entertainer Lil Rick for taking the kaiso art form to a new level and maintaining excellence
WORST:   Abstaining from voting at the United Nations to recognize Palestine.

BEST:           Jamaica
Usain Bolt and all Jamaican athletes at the London Olympics
WORST:   Violence against women and children.

                 OF  Note
Sunity Maharaj : Trinidad and Tobago journalist who continues to promote good governance and honest intellectual commentary about Trinidad and Tobago and the region.
Darren Sammy: West Indies cricket captain who continues to show that persistence and graciousness are real tools of leadership.

All Caribbean artistes and athletes who have demonstrated that the region is capable of competing and succeeding internationally.

We wish the Caribbean Nation and the entire world a great 2013

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