Hunger Striker Victorious

Dr. Wayne Kablasingh  before hunger strike
After  Hunger Strike

Occasionally, a human being comes along, who demonstrates that there is more to life than qualifications and certifications. History is replete with these human beings, who are humble but visionary; whose intellect is often above average but never above humility.
Our beautiful Caribbean Nation is known for throwing up such figures from time to time. Quite frankly those who labour and seek no reward are seldom given national honours or recognition. They simply go about their business believing, in many cases, that their god, whoever he or she may be, will be the final judge of their sojourn on planet earth. This simple but not stupid philosophy stretches across all religions and denominations.
As we continue our march toward real independence, we can expect that there are many among us, who are going to confront the political, economic and social status quo. They are going to ask direct questions and demand direct answers. These are the ones, who will save the region from its date with socio-economic disaster. Like those who tried before, they can expect to be called: communists, racists, failures, degenerates and many other negative adjectives will be used to illustrate they unsuitability to be a part of the national discourse.
Many will fall by the wayside and may find themselves languishing in mental asylums lost to society forever. Some will approach the American or Canadian embassies and ask for permission to live in their countries. Funny how those who denounce America often find themselves living in the belly of the whale and often living quite comfortably. Others will find anonymity in some European country. Funny again how anti-European folks end up there as well. Life is full of poignant ironies.
However, all is not lost; we have in our midst, citizens such as Dr.Wayne Kublasingh, a West Indies University Lecturer, who opposes a section of the Port Fortin Highway going through the Oropouche Lagoon. In his opinion, such an action will destroy the environment and agro related economic activity.
After 21 days, he has ended his hunger strike in protest of the highway, after some civic minded groups promised to carry the fight to the insensitive government of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Public outrage at such insensitivity also caused pressure to be brought on her government.
However, we said earlier in our comment that citizens such As Dr. Kublasingh will save our region. We also say that citizens such as Mr. Jack Warner, the Minister of National Security, in Trinidad and Tobago, who said that Dr. Kublasingh wanted to kill himself and should do so “quickly”, are threats to our region.
Mr. Jack Warner is apparently also human and from all accounts is also a Trinidadian. Therefore, it is one of ironies of life, that the same country that produced Dr. Kublasingh could have produced Mr. Jack Warner. It is now clear that Dr. Kublasingh will save our Caribbean and Mr. Warner will destroy it. We therefore ask Mr. Warner to hurry up and die very quickly politically and otherwise if he so desires. We urge him not to go on any hunger strike- just do it!
We commend Dr. Kublasingh for standing up to the government. Trinidad and the entire Caribbean Nation, is a better place than it was a mere 21 days ago.
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