Barbados Elections 2013 Statement

Prime Minister Stuart        Opposition Leader Arthur

Like most Barbadians and other observers,TheMahoganyCoconut Group breathes a sigh of absolute relief that the pollution and pollutants that pass for political discourse, comes to an end tonight. Tomorrow, the populace goes into polling stations to exercise what Maurice Bishop once called their “five minutes” involvement in the democratic process.
During the last three weeks, we have heard about the broad noses, the sexual orientation and the dishonest proclivities. We have not heard of any new policies in relation to agriculture, education, and the arts. These two political parties wasted valuable paper in reproducing the same manifestoes, they presented five years ago.
We have warned the Barbadian public for the last five years that unless some new progressive political party comes forward there will be no change.
The real winners of this campaign are the media houses, entertainers, advertising agencies and those who sold their wares at these entertainment gatherings.
The big corporate investors will reap their sweets and sales when the dust settles and the new parliament settles in. We conservatively estimate that this election approached twenty million dollars or more in spending. Investors will expect high returns not only from both parties but from those individual politicians who made deals on the side.
So whether it is Arthur/BLP or StuartDLP, the simple and unchallenged truth is that the same one party establishment will be elected tomorrow, Thursday 21st. February 2013.
We promise that our vigilance in exposing BLP/DLP will continue. We will support any measures and or policies that have a direct benefit to those who are least capable of fending for themselves.

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