Jack Warner Must Go !

Mr. Jack Warner

"Over the past two weeks, the media and the general population at large, has been preoccupied with the Warner "phenomenon", for phenomenon it is. Warner is without doubt our most colourful politician. He is garrulous, hubristic and has out promised all our political leaders combined. He often talks and behaves as if he were the duly elected Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and that the doctrines of ministerial and collective responsibility do not apply to him.
It would seem that Warner learnt his politics in the smoke filled rooms of FIFA and that he believes those norms, values and processes can be made to apply to Trinidad and Tobago. In so doing, he often lands the Prime Minister in a lot of political trouble. The fact that the Prime Minister is a woman serves to complicate the problem, but we will deal with that on another occasion. It is sufficient to say, for the time being, that the mix is toxic, and that Jack would be responsible for Kamla's early political death. This would be ironic, since he is arguably also largely responsible for her being where she is today." 

By Selwyn Ryan (Trinidad Express)

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                                            Mahogany Coconut Comment
We will continue to support all calls for Mr. Mr. Jack Warner's removal from the cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago and from public life. He remains an embarrassing blot on Caribbean Nation politics and public affairs

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