Trinidad and Tobago's New President Carmona

President Anthony Carmona 

Nations, like individuals need some breathing space at sometime in their affairs. It can come as a festival, a big sporting achievement or a national son or daughter gaining international fame in his or her chosen field. We welcome such developments because while one individual gets the achievement the entire country or region gets the recognition or at least some mention.
There was a time in our region, when we were literally guaranteed that breathing space, whenever our then formidable West Indies cricket team played. Unfortunately, “our boys”, as we affectionately call them, have been rather spasmodic in recent years, and are almost at the bottom of the international test ratings of cricketing countries. We hope for better days although they seem so slow in coming.
Against this background, we welcome to office the new President of Trinidad and Tobago, President Anthony Carmona. Hailed as a brilliant legal mind, regarded as one of high integrity and highly respected by his peers for his strength of character and humility, he brings a breath of fresh air to the corridors of power in Trinidad and Tobago. His elevation to the presidency provides a brief breathing space, for a country, now fully swamped by political tribalism and a government that has lost its way.
We are impressed by his first utterances in office, especially his calling on all the citizens, to be accountable to this wonderful country. Too often, we in this region, leave everything on the door step of those whom we elect to govern us. However, as President Carmona said, both those who govern and those who are governed should demand of each other, the highest levels of accountability.
We therefore wish His Excellency all the best. While we have been very critical of Trinidad and Tobago, we have never and will never lose faith and confidence in its people. We hope that this breathing space, provided by the great national support, for the new president, will be the first step in putting TandT back on track. We look forward to President Carmona’s involvement in this process. We wish him well.
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