Caribbean Masses Place Hope In Faith

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Caribbean Masses Place Hope In Faith

As we continue to fearlessly monitor the travesties being committed by the political management class, we are convinced that our visionless and politically bankrupt politicians get away with their transgressions because the masses of the Caribbean are essentially Christian.
The mainly black masses of the Caribbean, have taken all the broken post-independence promises and ad hoc approach to their developmental needs , with great patience and an unshakable belief that tomorrow will bring a brighter day. Having endured four hundred years of European engineered and executed: brutality, emasculation and depravity, they have never asked the political management class for too much and have settled for way too little!
 Christian acceptance of what many have concluded is their “ordained” fate, has allowed the post colonial and independence leaders, to collectively treat the masses of the region as nothing more than vessels to transport their neo-colonialist aspirations.
Thousands of our citizens have seen the basic promise of proper housing unfulfilled, and there are still thousands more, who do not have the luxury of indoor water borne facilities. Some of our school children are still using the dreaded outdoor facilities known as “pit toilets” that exists at some school plants throughout the region. In many communities, the housing stock is unsuitable for human comfort but is occupied by the poor.
Every five years for “five minutes”, according to the late Prime Minister of Grenada, Comrade Maurice Bishop,  the masses are corralled into voting booths, to elect shameless opportunists whose goal is to get rich very quickly and ensure the existence and well being of the decadent political management class.
And like the slave masters who came before them, these political deviants are relying on the same tools of religion and faith to protect them from the wrath of the masses, they continue to disregard. We therefore conclude that as our societies continue to suffer from the effects of crime, and government malfeasance becomes more widespread, the poor of the region have only their great Christian faith as their harbor. They have perhaps psychologically determined and accepted that their reward, for the sacrifice of building this region, will not be found in these islands surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean ocean, but on the celestial shores promised by belief in their deep Christian faith.

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