Garbage Worthless Politicians

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Garbage In Garbage Out !
                  Garbage Worthless Politicians

By Michael Headley

On Tuesday, September 16, a video emerged from Kiev which showed  Vitaly Zhuravsky, a Ukrainian parliament member, being literally thrown into a rubbish bin by  a group of angry protesters (  Apparently, this action, taken by the group, was precipitated after Mr. Zhuravsky had authored a bill, in January, that tightened restrictions on anti-government protesters. New Sky reported that the outrage came in lieu of an authored bill that had granted  amnesty to the pro Russian rebels.  And it was reported that one lady said ‘Boys let me kick him at least one time’ (   Whatever the reason, this drastic action was a clear indication that the group felt that the politician would be more suited with the garbage. Unfortunately water was splashed on him and a tire was  thrown on top of him before he was rescued by security personnel.  

To be with the garbage implied that the politician was worthless; inferior;vile; full of lies and foolishness;no longer communicating logically; probably meaningless and unattached and therefore had to be discarded accordingly.

At election time, when going to the polls, if these characteristics apply to any politician, who repeatedly broke his/her promises, with impunity and showed total disregard for their constituent's intelligence,  the voters should throw those politicians into  the political garbage dump too, and hopefully oblivion.

Michael Headley is a social commentator.
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