Trinidad and Tobago at 52

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

                                                    Trinidad and Tobago at 52

Trinidad and Tobago gained its independence from Great Britain on August 31st, 1962.  At midnight on 30th August, 1962, the Union Jack (British flag) was lowered and the Trinidad and Tobago flag was raised for the first time. 

Trinidad and Tobago National Flag
The Mahogany Coconut Group had its genesis in an internet gathering that comprised mainly of Caribbean citizens in the Diaspora. Within this gathering the country with the largest contingent, was and remains Trinidad and Tobago. We are therefore quick to extend our congratulations to the good people of Trinidad and Tobago on the attainment of fifty two years of independence.
At this time we remember Eric Williams, who should be an example to all those academics, who after receiving free education from the University of the West Indies, voluntarily disconnect themselves from their communities and proceed to exist solely to enrich themselves.
Eric Williams showed us that education should be used to enlighten the lesser fortunate and he proceeded to do so in the famous “University” of Woodford Square. He meticulously educated his people and brought them up to speed and that eventually led to independence. It also brought about a very peculiar Trini personality and today Trinidad survives because of a unique personality grounded in the belief that taking oneself too seriously does not always guarantee good results. In other words while Trinidadians are known for making a joke out of everything, it does not mean, they see everything as a joke.
Today their country is in a quagmire of crime and political skullduggery that seriously threatens this Trini personality and for the first time, it seems that Trinis are saying: This is no joke and actually meaning it.
Most Trinidadians do not like the way their country is heading and they are now prepared to let their feelings be known. The recent Constitution Amendment Bill 2014 is a definite case in point. Also they voting against the government in local and constituency elections, in recent times, clearly demonstrates that they are determined to take national issues and governance very seriously. These are positive signs of active citizen involvement.
 Finally, we note that Trinidad and Tobago, has been a great source of aid to all the countries in the region and has shared its oil wealth with CARICOM member states in some form or fashion. Many  regional island states are aware that without a vibrant Trinidad and Tobago, there is really no economic future for the Caribbean.

We wish Trinidad and Tobago the very best in the next fifty years and beyond.
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