2014 In Review

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                                                 2014 In Review

As is customary, we join with other commentators, that review the year and what gains, if any, the region would have made. As much as it distresses us, we are forced to conclude that 2014 brought nothing new to the region and that 2015 portends little. We are reaching the end of 2014 with most economies still reeling from a world recession that occasionally fools us that it is over.
Within the region, our strongest economy, Trinidad and Tobago, appears to be facing unexpected challenges because of  falling oil prices. This reality has forced the Central Bank to review growth predictions downward. Coupled with widespread state corruption and an election that will reveal the ugliest use of the dollar bill to buy votes; it is sadly obvious that Tand T seems set for more malfeasance and stupidity in its governance.
 In Guyana the President has created a constitutional crisis by attempting to run the country while ignoring parliament, for his glaringly nefarious political objectives. We are aware and have warned that the longer race continues to dominate Guyana’s politics, the longer it would take for this potentially great country to confront and eradicate its socio-economic problems.
Jamaica has convinced itself that the formula concocted by the International Fund has worked miracles. While we throw no cold water on the optimism that the current regime embraces, we are forever aware that the IMF usually boasts of successful remedies/medicines even when the patient dies!
Barbados finds itself technically broke as the administration tries everything from laying off public workers to internal cabinet squabbles regarding economic and now agricultural policy. In the mean time, the poor are being exposed to deteriorating social services. Armed crime is posing a major problem for law enforcement and the administration cannot even develop a proper garbage collection policy.
Opposition parties throughout the region have no true alternative plans to rescue the economies but are determined to just oppose for opposing sake, hoping to get their greedy hands in the cookie jar as soon as possible. Politics throughout the region is adversarial and non-productive. A collective inferior leadership has failed to produce a progressive economic program.
While we have identified the so-called big four of the region, we must inform that all the other islands are at various stages of economic and social decline. While they seldom come under the radar, we are aware that: political corruption, nepotism, crime and high levels of unemployment make up most of their socio-economic menu.
The Mahogany Coconut Group will never give up on the hope for a united Caribbean Nation but we must honestly conclude that 2014 has not brought our hopes and dreams any closer to reality.  The situation would be perhaps beyond repair if the Caribbean masses were not resourceful and creative.
We fear that such resourcefulness and creativity is under threat by the inferior leadership now responsible for our destiny.
The struggle continues
We extend the very best wishes to all in 2015.

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