Thanks From Mahogany Coconut Group

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

                                                            Thanks From Mahogany Coconut Group
Although our hopes for a vibrant Caribbean nation are being blocked by inept leadership and a region that is now in full fledged consumer mode, we are heartened by the fact that we have been in the forefront of analyzing the issues that confronted our region during 2014.
 Most of our contributions are submitted by members of our group who are not interested in personal aggrandizement. Our readership remains steady and we have, throughout the year, assisted a number of citizens, both within the region and the Diaspora, who wanted objective information on the region.
MCG welcomes all views; we do not encourage vulgarity and while we respect the right of people to express their views, we steadfastly refuse to publish contributions that we think are nothing more than personal attacks on others. We therefore find that articles written and submitted five or more years ago still enjoy great readership.
Our blog is not a political organ but one that encourages frank discussion and opinions on ALL matters affecting the Caribbean and its citizens, wherever they may exist. Our readership is widespread and we can say that it has a global reach and our message and opinions are well received. During the year, we made a conscious decision to keep contributions short so that a quick read would encourage follow up research. It has been a very successful strategy because we are aware that with the thousands of blogs available, readers do not have the time to slug through heavy intellectual contributions.
We are therefore thankful and encouraged, that without trying to be sensational and seedy, we are growing from strength without surrendering our position that being critical of the current group of leaders, is not an excuse to sink to gutter levels and innuendo to get our points of view across.
MCG thanks all who have contributed and offered suggestions during the year.
We wish you all a happy holiday season and all the best for 2015.

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