Barbadians: Keep It Local

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
                                                       Barbadians: Keep It Local

Barbados Coat of Arms
By Michael Headley

The mere fact that in 2014 Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL) returned an 'improved profit' over the previous year, was enough reason for Chairman, Charles Herbert and Managing Director, Anthony Ali to be upbeat in their Christmas message to their staff.  GEL is Barbados' largest locally-owned conglomerate.   Unfortunately, locally-owned is fast becoming a thing of the past and we can only hope that as 'strict guardians of their heritage' the company will stay locally-owned and not suffer the fate of the Barbados National Bank (BNB) the West Indian Biscuit Company (WIBISCO) and the Barbados Shipping and Trading (BS&T).
According to Chairman Herbert, this success did not come by osmosis but by the synergies of prudent Managerial decisions and the hard work from a dedicated staff.   GEL had consolidated their position, remained focused on their goals of excellence, employed geographical diversification, pursued new opportunities for growth and improved operating efficiencies.  Chairman Herbert also listed GEL's reputation for hard work, integrity, professionalism, and acknowledgement of the contributions of all past and present stakeholders.  The Chairman also thanked the staff for their dedication and commitment and said that "... we can face any challenges ahead". 

Managing Director Ali talked about GEL reaching the stated goals and objectives because of their talented and dedicated employees who worked tirelessly.  Managing Director Ali said, 'we are well positioned for the future because of you, our talented and dedicated employees.'... Thank you  once again for the achievement we had last year".  And the customers were referred to as the most important persons. 
Although some other locally-owned companies or entrepreneurs may not have the resources, expertise, capital, financial access and experience as GEL, that should not deter them from employing parts of GEL's  business model, and have it tailored to their specific operation.  Yes companies and individuals are facing severe economic challenges, however, this may also be the time for a business opportunity.  I am surprised that Polos, that delicious frozen ices on a stick, are no longer made and sold in Barbados.  And I wonder whose idea it was to change the Bajan Sodabix recipe.  Bring the old recipe back that gave Sodabix that unique taste, look and texture.
Keep it locally-owned Goddard Enterprises Limited it is working for you.
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