Tribute To Cuban People

The Caribbean Is One Nation.
Cuba'a Capital
                                                                           Tribute To Cuban People

We offer as our first comment of 2015, a tribute to the people of the Caribbean island of Cuba. This is against the background of the recent decision by President Obama, to ease restrictions placed on the Cuban people over a half century ago. Historic as this “thawing” is, we are aware that the struggle will continue, to lift all embargoes and there will be resistance by certain forces inside and outside of the United States to sabotage these efforts. We are certain that the detractors will be defeated.
Throughout the long period of this economic injustice against them, the Cuban people pressed on with protecting their country by ensuring that they improvised rather than compromised. While other Caribbean islands were purchasing “Japanese real estate” (motor cars), the Cuban people were dedicated to harvesting bumper sugar crops to earn scarce foreign exchange; while other Caribbean leaders were appealing/begging international agencies, Castro was instilling in his people the need for consumer restraint and the importance of avoiding lifestyles they could not afford; while other islands were producing doctors, who wanted to become millionaires over night, the Cuban educational system was producing them to not only serve in Cuba but throughout the world usually free of costs.
While many islands were being devastated by hurricanes and exploited by unscrupulous merchants during national disasters, the Cuban people had developed one of the best systems to minimize distraction caused by hurricanes. We mention these achievements in order to underline that the Cuban people sacrificed style for substance.
  Hence in many ways we developed a bond with them and their esteemed leader because while no revolution is perfect, it is correct to state that we saw in the Cuban people the real understanding of what is genuine independence and we therefore realized that we were lacking the very strengths they possessed. In other words while we, for the most part, focused on the flags anthems and awarding colonial titles such as Sirs/knighthoods; the Cuban people were dealing with self determination and always on guard to assist other struggling peoples, who were determined to fight for self determination and nationhood.
 Those who have been advocating the lifting of sanctions for several decades are now fortified in the positions they took against the mighty United States. They are aware that it is the people of Cuba, who suffered the brunt of this inhumane policy. It is their victory and it clearly sends a message to all Caribbean people, that sincerity in leadership is the most valuable currency politicians must have, if they truly want to change and better their societies. For such sincerity we honor Comrade Fidel Castro.  We will never deify any leader but we are certain that the people saw in him a leader who believed in them and had the courage of his convictions.

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