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President of Guyana , David Granger
We have deliberately waited for the dust to settle before offering our congratulations to the new President of Guyana, Mr. David Granger, whose coalition of parties won the recent general elections.  We are in solidarity with the Guyanese people, who went above and beyond racial and ethnic considerations to bring about the needed change.
The MCG has been opining for several years that the vast resources of Guyana have been compromised by a brand of volatile politics that must be abandoned before the country can realize its full potential. We believe that Guyana holds the key to the real economic development of the entire region. It is a land that can accommodate thousands of our citizens and give them hope and a fresh start. We hope that President Granger is swift in executing not only a plan to enhance Guyana but one that also embraces the entire region.
President Granger does not have to look far to see what narrow ethnic and race based politics can do to small Caribbean countries. We ask him to look at the current situation in Trinidad and Tobago and try his utmost to steer clear of such pitfalls. A word to the wise should suffice for now.
We would not conclude that Guyana has stood still for the last twenty two years. Quite the opposite; we are well aware that there has been many positives but while we may want to suggest that the positives have outweighed the negatives, we are afraid that we cannot do so at this time. This in the end was the undoing of the defeated, now former President, Donald Ramotar.
Crime and political skullduggery will always undermine the efforts to create a worthwhile society. Government policy and developmental exercises cannot always effectively counter or halt rapid decline in the society and all Caribbean governments are confronting this harsh reality.
We will continue to urge Guyanese in the Diaspora, to return to their homeland and seek to find or introduce opportunities for all. They must not allow foreign multinationals to exploit their resources without receiving considerable benefits from them. They along with their new president must move with haste to ensure that the next twenty years are positive and that they outweigh the negatives.

It is up to the region to work with President Granger in bringing about a new and prosperous Guyana for ALL Guyanese and the entire region.
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