Trinidad In Deep Crisis

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                                                              Trinidad In Deep Crisis         

National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Some months ago we warned that Trinidad and Tobago was sinking in a political cesspool. We are now convinced that we were more than accurate in our harsh assessment. During the last couple of weeks, we have watched in absolute shock as the Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, used parliament to effectively kick opposition leader Dr.Keith Rowley out! It was the height of political lynching, to manipulate her parliamentary two thirds majority, for cheap and dangerous political ends.
Before that dastardly we act, we were aghast at a member of her government, using the same platform to unleash a nasty attack not only on Dr. Rowley but against his parents and children. Accusing Dr. Rowley of rape and advertising that his very birth was covered in nefarious acts, brought the entire parliament to a place of utter disgrace. Of course the Prime Minister said nothing of such an assault.
However as if those two incidents were not enough to tarnish the reputation of the reputation of Tand T, we now have the Prime Minister declaring victory in the Emailgate scandal. Apparently, the Integrity Commission, declared the investigation over and the prime minister moved quickly to claim victory and asked Rowley to resign for misleading the country. However, since the Commission has declared the investigation over, two members have resigned thereby casting doubt on the commission itself. The Commission is now on the verge of imploding.
Taken these three issues into consideration, it has become obvious to us that the government of Trinidad and Tobago is now unfit to govern the country and should go to the pools forthwith and let the people decide if they wish to continue under this corrupt regime. By placing party hacks and race above good governance , the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, has succeeded in not only embarrassing herself  but her country as well. She is also a sorry departure from the leadership qualities displayed by other Caribbean women, in several affluent positions both at home and the Diaspora.
We therefore stand by our conviction that Kamla Persad –Bissessar is unfit to continue in such exalted office. The quicker she goes the better for all concerned.
Trinidadians deserve a lot better.

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