Caribbean Peace

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group
In 1981 The United Nations General Assembly, established International Day of Peace, September 21st. We in the Caribbean have been spared the ravishes of war and the loss of life, limb and other collateral damage that result from acts of war. We do not believe that our region needs or will be drawn into any international conflict, which will require mighty armies. We are therefore a zone of peace in a world riddled with all types of conflict.
However, in its broadest context, the International Day of Peace seeks to call a ceasing of all conflict be it war or that engendered by social dislocation and other concerns. As we write this article, we therefore call on our citizens to use peace and dialogue as tools of conflict resolution. Too many of our citizens, especially those under the age of forty, are resorting to brutal violence to solve disputes and conflict.
In many instances they have abandoned the quest for the peaceful society as once existed in our villages and communities. While there are no tanks and heavy military presence in our streets; the glaring truth is that many of us do not feel safe in our homes or on the streets because criminal activity is undermining the peace ,to which we have grown accustomed.
We know that our youth do not like what is called “long talk”. Against this background, we are calling on all Caribbean citizens to strive not only for the peace that comes with an absence of war but to strive also for that peace which comes from an absence of crime and violence.

Let us all make the Caribbean a zone of peace in the broadest context and cease the violence.
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