Dr. Rowley is Right on Housing Policy

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Dr. Keith Riley, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
The Mahogany Coconut Group, is in full support of Dr.Keith Rowley, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who has stated that his government will no longer, extend its subsidized housing program to those earning more than 25,000 TT per month.
It is high time that government subsidies, in all sectors and areas be focused on those who can least afford to look after themselves. We have long posited that the so-called middle class in the region is hard to define and is often identified by class rather than earnings. This is a sorry relic of our colonial past when a teacher earning less than a self employed motor mechanic, would be considered middle class . It was more professional class than the pay packet.
However, in the case of Trinidad ,we are more than convinced that the housing program of the last UNC administration ,was nothing more than an attempt to buy votes. We are further convinced that the full import of the corruption of the United National Congress, will be felt as more revelations of recklessness with the treasury are revealed.
We are of a similar conviction, when it comes to the Barbados government, leveling a fee on Barbadian students who attend the University of the West Indies. The MCG stands by its principled position that those who can afford to pay UWI, should not be allowed to hold the government to ransom. However, the current Democratic Labour Party Administration, cowardly embarked on a one size fits all approach. The MGC‘s position is that the policy should have been tied to household incomes. It is folly to expect that a poor student should be asked to compete on the same field as those who have the means.

We hope other regional leaders, will follow Dr. Rowley and systematically stop  the so-called middle class from ripping off their individual countries. Do they want to go on cruises,drive luxury cars,live in mansions or fund their children’s education?
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