Welcome Back Coach Simmons, Get off the field President Camron!

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Time To Go, Cameron
We at MCG were convinced from the very beginning of this fiasco with the West Indies Cricket Board and coach Phil Simmons that the Board would have to eat humble pie and reinstate him. We went so far as to suggest that the Board reinstated Simmons and be “fired”. The decision to reinstate Simmons so quickly after his dismissal is a clear sign that Mr. Simmons’ Breach of protocol did not merit such a severe action. Furthermore, the same two players that Simmons said should have been included in the team to Sri Lanka were eventually selected. In other words Simmons’ judgment was correct in the first place!
We in the Caribbean are slowly but surely allowing misfits to chart our course and they are leading us into the land of tomfoolery. The WICB has made monumental errors and has consistently proven that it is neither capable of managing nor resuscitating our cricketing fortunes. We are convinced that it is also the poorest regional organization within CARICOM. It is a management team that has us under tremendous pressure and international scrutiny, in a sport that we once dominated or at the very least, was competitive for nearly three decades. While we are constantly badgering the West Indies players, we have allowed crass insularity to undermine the management of our cricket at the highest level.
This approach to regional institutions is a scourge from which we have repeatedly proven that we do not have the skills to escape. The Last elections of the WICB clearly showed that the vote was determined by the politics of individual countries rather than the interest of West Indies cricket. It is a state of affairs that we cannot allow to continue.

While we welcome back Mr. Simmons, we think it is now very important that we ask Mr. Cameron to demit office and elect a new WICB or better yet, bury the WICB and form a new organization to chart the management and development of West Indies Cricket.

Here is our previous article on the issue:
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