Caribbean Prognosis Poor

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group
The  Mahogany Coconut Group has long suggested that the entire  English speaking
Caribbean Nations' Flags
Caribbean, is in a state of very poor governance and unless new leaders emerge the prognosis for any real and sustainable development is extremely poor.
There are those who believe that all of our problems are the result of poor economic management. We do not subscribe to that view because our limited resources have not restricted us from achieving a relatively high standard of living for our citizens.
Sometimes, it is difficult to accept that a region can be so rich in its culture, emerging identity and civilization and yet so poor in present day leadership and self confidence.
  Very few regions of our collective size and limited resources can boast of the high number of noble laureates and other distinguished citizens. Indeed we have produced world class athletes at the level of Usain Bolt and sportsmen of the superb caliber of Sir Garry Sobers. We have given the world Bob Marley and remain a zone of peace surrounded by a world of conflict. 
Religious tolerance is the norm and our citizens are allowed to live and love as they please without any belligerent state intervention.
Governments are changed with little social discord and after elections, the losers lick their wounds for the next five years and we move on. The question then is: Why with all these positives, are we still daily sinking into a region of despair?
We have rested on our laurels and have convinced ourselves that the world has to accommodate us. We have refused to undergo change in areas such as education and government accountability. In too many cases we have allowed crime to reach high levels and are not true guardians of our beautiful but fragile environment.
Therefore the gains made are now being slowing eroded and the political managerial class that emerged has been essentially visionless and uninspiring.  
We suggest that the major crisis facing the region is poor leadership and inept management of both human and natural resources.

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