In Brief.......

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

In Brief………..
Many Caribbean citizens in the Diaspora are talking about the emergence of fruits and vegetables , which they ‘grew up on’ but now find themselves paying high prices for  in America, Canada and Europe.
They are talking about the mango, coconut and pomegranates that they used to devour in their youth. Suddenly, it seems: okra, sour sop and tamarind are being consumed and are promoted as important and healthy foods.
They lament that the vast majority of these fruits and vegetables are imported from other regions because the Caribbean agriculture base is to all intents and purposes incapable of competing.
Mount Gay Rum Barbados
Appleton Rum Jamaica
El Dorado Rum Guyana 
The only positive is that many Caribbean rums and spirits are quickly establishing themselves on the international market.
Once more we are witnessing the results of poor vision and economic planning.

Barbadian International Surfer Chelsea Tunach

Swimming and surfing seem to be at last getting the Caribbean firmly established on the international sporting map. In recent times Caribbean sports men and women have been competing with great success in these disciplines. We believe that this is a positive from all angles and helps to give the region further presence as that created by our outstanding athletes in track and field.

A spate of gun related murders have many Barbadians uneasy about the increaing use of guns to resolve conflict. When we add the outbreak of teacher /student physical conflict in some of the schools, it is slowly dawning on Barbadians that they can no longer sing: Dah (that) can’t happen here.  Truth is that it was only a matter of time because the entire region is seeing an upsurge in gun crimes and teacher/ student conflict.

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