Usain Bolt Our Guiding Star

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

By William Skinner
Usain Bolt
The entire Caribbean Nation is ecstatic about the incredible achievements of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican super star athlete. However, we will be mistaken to believe that the Caribbean cannot produce another Bolt. Let us not forget that Brian Lara came along and broke Sir Garry Sobers’ highest test score record in Test Cricket, a feat that many of us thought was impossible.
Annually, Jamaicans from throughout the world, travel home to witness their young athletes perform. It is from that incubator that the genius of Bolt and his compatriots, male and female, are produced. This clearly demonstrates that Jamaica’s athletic program is one of the best in the world. While we hail Bolt and his outstanding Olympic achievements, the wider Caribbean should pause and ask itself some very pertinent questions:  Why can’t we utilize our human resources to its fullest potential? What really stops us from achieving a Caribbean Nation free from petty jealousies and rampant negativity?
We have produced Noble Laureates, scholars, writers and other cultural icons. We have given the world: Bob Marley, Sir Garry Sobers and the steel pan. However the persistent mental shackles of slavery and an almost pathetic sense of hopelessness continue to drag us down and impede regional progress.
Perhaps Usain Bolt is our guiding star. Let us resolve to follow him to excellence in all we do.

William Skinner is a social commentator
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