Fidel Castro: Genuine Caribbean Hero

The Caribbean Is One Nation.

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group
Fidel Castro
Those of us, who look for sincere and progressive leadership in the Caribbean, are unmistakably saddened by the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro. The detractors and fakes have tried to portray him as nothing more than a political thug, who specialized in human torture, imprisonment of political enemies and as the world’s leader in human rights atrocities.
Of course these detractors were shocked to learn, that in the Caribbean, Castro was seen as a giant who always came to the rescue of our struggling island nations. He generously allowed our young citizens to advance their medical training and offered free health services in such areas as eye care. His generosity was not confined to the Caribbean and stretched throughout Africa and many other nations, that have been condemned  to the dustbin of economic ruin, orchestrated in great measure by European exploitation, American imperialism and unfortunately, but we must be honest, corrupt leadership in their own countries.
Castro was therefore seen as a benevolent leader and not the political tyrant described by those who practice economic tyranny and social abuse of their own citizens daily. Caribbean citizens will always remember that Comrade Castro defended the Grenada Revolution, while some of our leaders were on American television, urging Ronald Reagan to invade and destroy their own brothers and sisters. Those leaders will forever b remembered for their act ignominy.  
For half a century Castro refused to succumb to the threats and blatant attempts of America to destabilize and undermine his struggle for the people of Cuba. It is well recorded that there were several schemes to murder him and thereby return Cuba to the state of corruption that it had formerly endured. Having failed at their dastardly acts, they embarked on systematically using embargoes and other acts of economic terrorism designed to starve the Cuban people and deny them medicine. That they miserably failed was no doubt due to Castro’s genuine leadership and the resilience of the Cuban people.
Throughout his leadership, Castro sought to improve the living conditions of his people; developed a very effective health care system and virtually wiped out illiteracy by improving the education levels of all Cubans. It is for these tremendous achievements that all the people of the Caribbean will remember Fidel Castro as a true progressive thinker and revolutionary.
He was therefore a genuine Caribbean hero and an  inspiration to those who seek to truly work and serve in the interest of their people.

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