Trump an Ugly Bigot Endorsed by America

The Caribbean Is One Nation

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Group.

Donald Trump
So Mr. Trump is a racist! He spewed all that anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric for nearly a year and he still won the elections for president of the united States and we are sooooo surprised; it shows we have not accepted that the shining city built on the hill, was built on wiping out one ethnic group only to replace it with another. Don’t forget Columbus, we call him an explorer but he was indeed the original Trump. Yes sir, those brown natives he found just could not be allowed to dwell in the luxury of lush and unspolit surroundings with their backward” unchristian” life styles.
We imagine that much of the furor over Trump’s unexpected victory is subsiding or, to put it differently, we are slowly accepting that in a few weeks , he will be sworn into the highest office, of America’s version of the freest nation on earth. Already many Caribbean nationals who dwell in the mighty USA, are for the first time considering if it is worthwhile staying there. After we get the house , the car and the education and job, what else is there to our sojourn in the freest democracy where the popular vote means …well nothing really. Ask Hillary Clinton!
Are we now going to start looking at the “islands in the sun” as a far better bet than the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.  I scarcely think so because the word on the street is that we are so mimicking the American lifestyle at home that the bet is not that certain. After all, those returning , cannot believe the price of land , houses, motor cars and what they consider to be a very burdensome cost of living. Some are scared of the violence and they have plenty issues with the hospitals, public transport…Quite frankly they have problems with every single thing.  So they are trapped in the good old USA. We were always reminded that if you live in New York you can live anywhere. That seems not to be the case these days.
So President –elect Trump has those Caribbean nationals in the Diaspora a bit shaky and shaken. They are now realising that being a “citizen” in somebody else’s country is not all that it is “trumped” up to be because on any given Sunday, or any day of the week, a despot can rise up and remind the neutralized citizens, oh we are sorry the naturalized citizens, that they stay there at his pleasure. As the judge told some new citizens, shortly after Trump’s victory, if they don’t like the future president they could leave. What a message to those who worked so hard to call the red white and blue their own.
We have been once more taught the lesson our elders preached a long time ago: “All that glitters is not gold”. Maybe Trump’s Presidency will fail but there are millions of Trumps waiting to replace him. Maybe he might just succeed in making his version of America great again. A version that  may not fit well with Caribbean folks.  Remember the old saying about cricket: The man that owns the field, the bat, the stumps and the balls can stop the game any time. And we hope that the message of Donald Trump, after all the sadness has passed, will resonate in the heads of those Caribbean people who mistakenly thought that America had cured all its ugliness with the election of its first Black president. Far from, that election quickly  reignited all the bigotry racism and social perversion that is still a part of Uncle Sam’s turf.

As for Trump we should really thank him for showing how ugly he is and a significant number of Americas who talk about Democracy and equality but would recognize neither even if they slept in the same bed.
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