Homophobia On Rise In Barbados ?

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The Mahogany Coconut Group will guard against anti-gay sentiment and the early signs of violence and hate crimes directed at the gay community, as witnessed during the recently concluded Crop Over festivities. We expect criminal charges to be brought against those deviants who engage in such violence against our gay citizens.
We will not and cannot oppose the democratic rights of citizens and those in the public eye, to openly demonstrate their anti-gay positions. However, when such attempts are littered with inaccuracies, we as a responsible group of citizens would endeavor to expose some of the myths and inconsistencies.
First, we want to inform the Prime Minister of Barbados, that it has been clearly established that homosexuality is a natural (nature) way of life for those who realize from very young, that they are naturally attracted to the same sex. There are hundreds of studies and literature, that empirically conclude that such individuals are homosexual in the same way that others are heterosexual. For him to even suggest that the jury is still out on whether homosexuality is by “nature or nurture” is perhaps the first time that we can say, without fear, that he is deliberately being intellectually dishonest.
It is also known that some people who have experimented with both heterosexual and homosexual sexual activity, have opted for one or the other as their preference, which is their democratic right, to have consenting sex with whomever they prefer. To ignore these basic truths, is to deny that it is widely accepted or known, that some heterosexual men are now having sex with other men but do not consider themselves gay. There are some females, who are having sex with women but do not consider themselves to be lesbians. They see the act as nothing more than sexual gratification.
The question of the negative health consequences of anal sex is also being used by some to decry the gay community. However, it has been posited by several sexologist and those in the medical profession that anal sex when practiced with careful attention to hygiene is a safe exercise. Those who are being hysterical by the act should remember that there are heterosexual couples who engage in anal sex as well. Why then only warn gays about the “dangers” of this act and not the straight people who engage and enjoy anal sex. Why the hypocrisy?
The argument against the adoption of children by gay couples is also concern of the anti-gay movement. According to them, children reared by same sex couples would be seriously disadvantaged. They claim the children will have a confused understanding of who they are. We suggest that there is no empirical evidence to support such a position.  Quite the opposite is being revealed in this area. Research is showing that children need love and a nurturing environment. In many studies same sex couples have been given high marks by adoption agencies.  Those who have same sex parents are not inclined or are no more inclined to anti-social behavior than those parented by heterosexuals.
Same sex marriages and unions experience the same challenges that are known to straight couples. In matters of personal relationships, it is extremely difficult for those who are not intimately involved in such unions to fairly pontificate. We note the high incidence of divorce , broken homes and dysfunctional families. Would it be fair to say that marriage as we know it is becoming antiquated or does not work? There are gay and straight couples who are happy, faithful and upright citizens. Why deny gays the rights that the straight couples enjoy? Why are the opponents of gay marriages out there “doing as they like” then want to become the moral centers of society? Who gave them the right to determine what are good moral unions?
We urge those who are anti gay to realize that gay citizens breathe the same air; worship the same God and must not be discriminated against in any form or fashion.

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